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I never met a grilled anything I didn’t want to sink my teeth into.

Whether it’s baby back ribs, bell peppers or branzino, I’m down. And while our BBQ is fired up all year thanks to the LA weather, this is the season where BBQ always seems like the best idea ever. I thought I’d share some of my favorite BBQ recipes (the ones I make again and again), as well as some of my favorite gadgets for the grilling season.


grilling gadgets Jamie Oliver’s Tuna Burgers

grilling gadgets Love & Lemons’ Grilled Peach Salad

grilling gadgets Salt & Wind’s Grilled Corn Panzanella Salad

grilling gadgets Food52’s Grilled Pizza w/ Figs & Prosciutto

grilling gadgets Mark Bittman’s Spicy Grilled Shrimp


grilling gadgets: Grillbots

Grillbots— like a Roomba for your BBQ, it cleans up all the charred bits so you don’t have to.


grilling gadgets: range

Range Thermometer— A digital thermometer that you can use your iPhone to monitor— get an alert when the internal temperature of your meat is just where you like it.


grilling gadgets: Looftlighter

Looftlighter— Put down the lighter fluid— this superheater is a less toxic way to light up your barbecue.


grilling gadgets: Brookstone grill light

Grill Light— For after-dark grillers, it’s helpful to see what you’re grilling (and hopefully not burning).


grilling gadgets: lotusgrill

LotusGrill— Small, safe, smokeless grill that you can take anywhere.


grilling gadgets: cinder

Cinder— A cutting edge grill that confit, stir-fry or char a steak, “sensing” when your food is cooked as you want it.

I’m manning the grill all summer. If you’ve got a favorite recipe, I wanna know about it!

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    I have to share a grill story / recipe experiment / delicious fluke accident that my daughter and I discovered using salmon grilled with dry rub, beef chili and salad. Here goes:

    Olivia and I were finishing up some grilled salmon, and I shredded it, threw it on some greens with Espresso Baslamic Vinegar and Olive Oil as the dressing. Both of us being bad dish washers, we were out of clean bowls for the chili, so I just dumped the chili on top of the remnant olive oil, vinegar and salmon pieces, then topped of the chili with cheese. OMG – a creamy, zesty sweet flavor results that is out of this world.

    Here’s the recipe:

    Per bowl, mix 1 tablespoon olive oil with 1 tablespoon of your favorite balsamic vinegar. Swish this around the bottom of the bowl, then dump chili. If you’re lucky and have left over BBQ fish, dice or shred and add to bowl before chili gets dumped in.

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