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Getting organized & grocery lists • Giveaway


Well, I spent the first week of the new year in bed with a horrible flu. Which sucked. Mostly because I had big plans for that week. I was going to do things like sleep in, go for hikes with the kids, watch movies, eat at restaurants in far flung parts of Los Angeles I’ve been meaning to try… and organize my kitchen. You know, as one does during a vacation.

So none of that happened, and eight days later, I’ve emerged from bed and am trying to make up for lost time.

Today, I’m emptying my entire pantry, re-labelling, re-packaging, purging some offensive junk food (who bought spicy Cheetos?) and getting ready to start (week two of) 2015 anew.

I find that this is the best time to make a comprehensive grocery list: I see things that are running low, I remember things I wish I had, and it’s just a great feeling to get the pantry stocked so that I don’t realize that I’m out of rice wine vinegar when I’m ready to make my infamous peanut noodles.

Here’s the tragedy about grocery lists, though. I never remember to bring them to the store. Maybe some of you can relate: It can be weeks before the list, me, and the groceries are all in the same place. So I now turn to Hiku, a little robot that has become most helpful in this process.

Hiku app

Simply put, Hiku scans the bar codes of anything I’d like to buy at the grocery store and puts it in a list on my phone. If I don’t have the item in front of me, or if it’s bar code-less (like a banana), I can speak to Hiku and it will translate voice to text and add those things to the list as well.

That’s it. It saves me typing while I’m busy organizing— I don’t even have to have my phone nearby (it will download the list later), so I can focus on what I’m doing distraction-free.

Hiku Scan

I’m giving away TWO fabulous Hiku this week to help jump start your kitchen organization this year. [highlight] Just use the widget below to follow me on Twitter, then leave a blog post comment telling me what your first organization project of 2015 is going to be. [/highlight] Best of luck, and happy organizing!

The winners are… Jenn Mowatt and Torey Eblen! Congrats you two!

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94 comments on “Getting organized & grocery lists • Giveaway”

  1. My first project is going through ALL my Christmas decorations to organize them before putting away and to GET RID OF all the ones that I store year after year but never seem to use!!

  2. My terrible closet! We got a closet organization system done a few years ago, but it’s still a hot mess. Can’t wait to reorganize and PURGE.

  3. Our first project was the pantry…such joy to see everything in glass jars with labels!! Now my girls and I are tackling our clothes…crazy town.

  4. My first project is my bedroom!!! It is a completely and horrid disaster! I want it to become my sanctuary!! Can’t wait!

  5. I would go to town in the garage. Tools, equipment, bikes and all the little knick knacks. To have everything labelled, organized and stored properly would be a dream.

  6. My first two organization projects of 2015 is going to be my laundry room and my pantry. This gadget would really help me out!

  7. This looks AMAZING! First 2015 reorganization project for me is the dining room – which doubles (triples!?!)as the mudroom and arts & craft area. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I cleaned out and reorganized my mud room/entrance from the garage. After a long cold winter break, gloves and hats were everywhere and boots were in a pile.

  9. Even though I am a Professional Organizer and Productivity Trainer by trade, I need to work on organizing my schedule. Due to some fantastic life changes the old way no longer works, so this year I am practicing the art of “No” and of being present in the moment!

  10. Hi Carley!
    This product is so awesome, cleaning up the house would be so much easier if I had this.
    Thanks for the opportunity Carley.

  11. Well other than 2015 being the year I organize my finances, my first home organization project is the Garage! I recently moved and I still have a ton of boxes to go through!!!

  12. My first project is to get my summer clothes out of my drawers (I know! but I haven’t had time) to make room for my winter clothes that are just piled on top of my dresser. I plan to use a new app I found called Sortly to make a record of what’s in what box.

  13. First on my organizing list is my daughters’ room. We just moved in September and their room is still a complete mess with boxes everywhere and everything. I shudder to think about the work ahead of me. Oy!

  14. I have started to de-clutter and organize my house, starting with my storage room and kids rooms. It is liberating to get rid of so much stuff!

  15. I had the flu too, so while I’m recovering I’m trying to clean out the medicine cabinet and then the kitchen cabinets.

  16. I am bound and determined to organize my walk-in (well, that’s a misnomer at the moment) closet. It will happen. It will happen. It will happen….

  17. I am finally going to attack the mountainous task of organizing my photos. This means scanning/digitizing the family photos AND sorting through my digital photos; making those long planned books, sharing with family members, and creating back-ups. Have finally gotten my ‘desk clutter’ under control! So time for a new ‘habit’ – correctly managing photos!

  18. Our family organized all of the holiday decorations and actually put them away where they belonged. Then we cleaned the basement and our closets. Our next big project is to organize the kitchen cabinets. Did I mention it’s a BIG project? 🙂 Pulling out a spice that expired in 2010 this past weekend lit the fire to get on it!

  19. I’m working on de-junking – giving away, throwing away or putting it where it needs to be. I’m on my master closet now as I’ve gone through the holiday decorations and organized those.

    Feeling special.

  20. That little gadget sounds wonderful. I love the fact that we don’t have to write things down; it slows me waaayy down, so much so that I don’t even get started. I could definitely put it to good use :-).

  21. de-junking closet and cabinet when you are given new knives that are really nice don’t keep the old ones if you do not need them .

  22. This is amazing! My husband constantly yells out “we need …” And I have to drop what I’m doing to add it to my list. So annoying!!! This would be a life and marriage-saving piece of technology for us! I am organizing our office/craft room:-)

  23. I’m organizing our bedroom in 2015. Throwing out an old dresser and installing a huge wardrobe. It’s going to help get the clothes off the floor and the room looking awesome!

  24. Wow!! Where to begin. We have a finished basement that has become the catch all for EVERYTHING!!! My goal is to organize and turn it into a place my kids can go to hang out and do their things!! 🙂

  25. I have recently begun couponing, and I also can foods that we grow. I need to go into my “grocery store” room where all our goods are, and really get that organized. I want to get all the canned goods together and organize by type the rest of the goods down in that room!

  26. My first project of 2015 is to PURGE! Get the things I don’t need or use regularly and get them out of the house. I have so many items that are “just in case one day I may need it” type things. Problem is they aren’t part of my daily routine and they are in the way!

  27. My first project I have been working on our spare bedroom since I had all the Christmas gifts and other things in the room and closet. Time to chance the room around.

  28. first organizing project for 2015 will be my home office. A Santa statue, a pumpkin, and some chalk painted wine bottles need to be put away. #organizing2015

  29. 1st project was to clean out the fridge today – this little do-hicky would’ve been great to keep track of the stuff that got tossed and needs to be replaced!

  30. My husband and I use Grocery IQ and love it. I can put things down on it (yes, it reads bar codes) and it will put them each in the category it belongs in whether it is dairy, cereal, pet, personal, etc. When I put things in, it goes on his iPhone and vice versa. Then, if either of us goes to the grocery story, all we do as we’re picking things up is click beside them and they go down below into the cart. This also shows up on the other persons phone. When you’re done you have left on your list things you could not find or did not buy and the cart contains all your items you did buy. You can delete the cart, if you wish, or leave it.
    You can add grocery aisles to the categories if you find it’s missing something that your store has, you can rearrange the grocery aisles, etc. We love it and it’s free. 🙂

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