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My favorite 2013 holiday cards

Ink Meets Paper: Holiday Cards

The season of greetings and glad tidings is here, calling us to brush up on our correspondence skills and send warm thoughts to family and friends. Dive into the holiday tradition with this mix of send-in-a-click digital and too-pretty-to-ignore paper cards.

     Minted Cards

Minted— Several holiday cards from Knobloch holidays past have come from Minted, and their products have only gotten better over the years.  New innovations like unique edging, metallic foil accents, and pretty finishing details like envelope liners and skinny wrap-around address labels make these look like an expensive custom job (but not).  Also love their MiniBook cards, which are like a family letter and a holiday card all in one.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post — With capsule collections by Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, Kelly Wearstler, and  Jessica Hische among other movers and shakers in the design world, Paperless Post’s options add a touch of quirk and glam to correspondence that I simply can’t resist.


Red Stamp — Send a personal holiday message with bright, bold colors and clean graphic style by customizing a Red Stamp card and posting on Facebook or by email. Best part is, you can do it all from your smartphone.


Ink — Ideal for one-off printed cards, it doesn’t get much easier than Ink by Sincerely Inc. Select a design on the iPhone or Android while waiting in line for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, then add a message and address and be done with it before the barista’s even called your name.



Ink Meets Paper — Ink Meets Paper cards are artisanal… and they have a digital twist. A barcode on the back directs recipients to an online video showing how the card was made on a letterpress.  It’s like a card, wrapped in extra-specialness.


Rifle Card Co.

Rifle Paper Co. — The whimsical illlustrations of Rifle Paper Co. are so special, sure, I’ll take the time to lick a stamp for ‘em. And card designs like a pipe-smoking Santa or custom-made holiday portraits? You had me at “Rifle”.


Egg Press

Egg Press — There are greeting cards and then there are greeting cards, more a work of art deserving a place in your archives. That is Egg Press, purveyor of hand-crafted letterpress cards, who I have become forever indebted to for introducing me to the craft’s charm.


Paper Culture

Paper Culture —The eco-friendly philosophy of Paper Culture (all recycled paper!) is a big plus, but the card designs are great whether they help the planet or not!   Other notables in their collection are the jumbo cards and photo wall decals that make a fun alternative to the usual kids’ school picture in a frame gift.

What am I missing? Any faves I forgot? Let me know!


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