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Easy ways to collect holiday card addresses

Collecting Addresses

We may be living in a digital world, but when it comes to special occasions, there’s something to be said for going the old-fashioned route of paper holiday cards. My wedding was pre-Facebook/texting/email but even then it was challenging to get everybody’s addresses together, (a lot of phone calls were necessary… remember those?).

In the digital age, however, it’s even less likely that I have anyone’s mailing address in my book. And yet, when it comes to holiday time, there’s something special about printing a family photo on super-thick card stock, licking an envelope, and mailing it to my friends and family, snail-style, but it’s got to be easy as double-tapping-to-like.  I’ve found two apps to help me get it all done without the tedious admin work.


Postable makes address collection easy: Send an email to your friends and family which prompts them to click on a link and enter their address, those addresses then populate a Postable address book that’s easy to download and import into Excel, your own address book, or wherever you’re printing address labels from.  You can even get a head start by manually importing from an existing list of addresses you might already have, if you’re that organized (oh, how I envy you).

Minted Address Assistant

Minted, a great service for both paper and e-cards can import addresses, goes one step further— they’re Address Assistant will print all your addresses on all your cards for you and send them to you, pre-addressed and ready to mail, leaving just postage and a trip to the mailbox on the to-do list. How ’bout them snowflakes?

Now, the toughest part of the job is choosing a design from hundreds of beautiful options. That part might be the biggest time suck of them all.

Is there another service, or foolproof method you use for tracking down physical addresses during card season? Do tell in the comments.

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