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Weekend Disconnect: Oscar Edition

Me at the Oscars

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending the Oscars. It was pretty incredible to be there, at the Dolby Theater, on the red carpet with all the major celebrities in their major fashion going by. And even this extreme homebody was glad she squeezed into a dress and experienced it.

This year, I’ll be watching the Oscars in an equally compelling way: Nestled on the couch with the kids, in my new sweatpants, with some flavored popcorn. Okay, maybe not equally compelling, but flavored popcorn is one of the raddest things ever. Here is a picture of spicy caramel bacon popcorn, to further support my argument.


The defense rests.

This is one of those times where all of us staring at a “screen” isn’t necessarily a bad thing— we’re rooting for our favorites, discussing fashion dos and don’ts, and enjoying a long show together, as a family.

I’ve rounded up some Oscar-related articles to help you prep for this weekend. Will you be watching?

— Twitter has spoken: Here’s who should win the Oscar, according to the people.

— It’s official! John Travolta will be back on stage this year, and no names will be spared! If you want to feel like a big Broadway diva, use this hilarious widget to hear your name botched.

— Most of this year’s nominated films can be rented or streamed already. Here’s a cheat sheet of where to watch them all.

— I will always read an article that promises to make me sound smarter about any subject. Here’s one about this year’s nominees.

— Aida Mollenkamp always makes a killer cocktail. This one has red carpet glamour.

— Maybe it’s an indicator of my attention span, but I always love the short film nominees on Oscar night. Here’s your guide to these gems.

— If you’re having friends over, put some skin in the game and print out these ballots so you can predict the winners and see who comes out on top.

Have a great weekend! Happy watching!

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