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5 Favorite Pins of the Week: 4th of July

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Okay, let me make something perfectly clear: I am Canadian, and there are just some things that the Canadians do better (health care, gun control, bacon… just to name a few). But Independence Day always makes me yearn to be an official Yankee. First of all, I’m obsessed with red, white and blue (as evidenced by my blog theme) and those bold stars and stripes are so graphic and instill such pride in all who raise and wear them… it’s infectious, even if you’re from north of the border. Plus the imagery of the 4th goes beyond the flag— rocket pops, barbeques, sparklers, blankets on the grass, and hot summer nights.

So, from this alien living in Los Angeles, happy birthday, America! Enjoy my favorite pins this week.


4th of July— Pinterest faves Carley Knobloch

4th of July— Pinterest faves Carley Knobloch


Blue Sofa (1)

Pins (from top to bottom):

1. Cover-up
2. Leica
3. Berry Pops
4. Stripes Print
5. Red, White & Blue Interior

Sources: (1. Just J. Crew It;  2. Wayne Pate;  3. Joylicious; 4. Eastern Collective; 5. Let’s Design)


If you love Pinterest like I do, then let’s swap favorites— I’m going to share my favorites each week… share yours with me too!

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