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This techy cannabis carrying case will keep your pot and CBD safely stowed

Trova Weed Box

Okay, I’m going to preface this article by saying that I have never used cannabis in any form— not in college, not at Coachellanot ever. That’s not me being protective of my reputation or personal brand, that’s just me being the straight-laced square that I’ve always been! Seriously, I’m no fun on many levels.

But marijuana is now legal in many states for both medical and recreational purposes (and as easy to get here in LA as a bag of Skittles), and CBD, which is non-psychoactive, is becoming more and more available thanks to the recent full legalization of hemp farming in the US. 

In other words, cannabis went from stoner teen secret to trendy adult cure-all in record time. (And given that there is exciting science on how the plant may help with all kinds of ailments— from serious chronic pain to everyday stress—that’s likely a good thing.) As an avid follower of wellness trends, I have quite a few favorite CBD products in my arsenal that help with everything from hand pain to getting a better night’s sleep. 


The problem with pot

So whether you’re dropping CBD under your tongue to get to sleep, or vaping marijuana to manage post-workout muscle pains or just popping the occasional handful of edibles for fun, you’ve got a responsibility: Making sure your kids don’t get into them (especially since many of edibles available resemble foods kids love, like brownies and gummies). They’re also still taboo in some circles. If you don’t know a new co-worker’s stance on marijuna, for instance, you probably don’t want your vape pen falling out of your purse at the office.  

Enter Trova, the chic carrying case that is basically a tiny, secure box for toting CBD and marijuana products around. 

How Trova Works

Basically, it looks like a rectangular rechargeable battery, so it’s super discreet. It even has a leather carrying case (sold separately) adding another layer of protection (and chic). Only your biometrics (fingerprint, face scan) or a secure passcode entered on the Trova app will open it. It also locks in odors so your bag doesn’t smell, well, grassy. There’s also a larger box designed to live at home on your coffee table or bookshelf. 


It’s kind of a brilliant idea, and I love that it doubles as a place to store your earrings, rings, or wallet at the gym. Sure, someone could still grab it, but given they won’t know what’s inside, that seems way less likely. And they wouldn’t be able to open it later, so what’s the point? Plus, the app will alert you if the box is left open or if it’s “on the move,” AKA someone has walked off with it. 

Do you need Trova?

It’s not exactly a necessary thing (and a bit pricey at $249), but if you live with small children or pets, it could offer a bit of relief when it comes to keeping them protected. Definitely a major upgrade compared to that Altoids tin you’ve been using— you’re fooling no one, buddy.

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