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On KTLA: The gadgets that will help you get fit and healthy in 2021

Vejo Blender : KTLA

Oh heyyyy KTLA! First segment of the year, and you’ll never know if I was wearing my pajama pants because it’s a Zoom thing, LOL! Wanted to share some gadgets and services I love that will help you feel a bit healthier and mentally better this winter.


This has been a rough year for our mental health, but therapy can feel unaffordable to so many. Coa is like a gym membership for your mind— classes (that start at $30) are taught by therapists and help you build your EMOTIONAL fitness and find support through “group workouts” that help support your emotional wellbeing. Then, if you want to be matched with a therapist for one on one sessions, they can do that too.

Vejo Personal Blender

I’m forever stirring greens or immunity powders into water… the Vejo personal blender does it all for you, with convenient pods that range from matcha latte to banana almond smoothie, to collagen blends that do wonders for your skin. Pods are biodegradable and made with organic fruits and veggies picked and dehydrated at the height of freshness.

LG PuriCare Mini

We’re all thinking more about the air we breathe and what’s floating in it. The LG PuriCare Mini personal air purifier won’t protect you from COVID-19 alone, but it WILL clean 99% of the junk in your air that can cause illness, or allergies. It’s lightweight, so handsome with this leather strap, and it runs quietly for up to 8 hours. Plus the app will show your ambient air condition in real time, so you can see how it’s doing to clean up around you.

Amazon Halo

We’ve been wearing wearables for years now, and it’s hard to imagine new features, but Amazon’s Halo has two: advanced sensors and artificial intelligence are monitoring the tone of your voice to help you identify moments in your day where you’re blissed or stressed out. And an app body scan will help you monitor body fat and show you your progress over time. Plus it’s very comfy— with no read-out screen, it feels a bit like wearing a thick stretchy elastic band on your wrist. Oh, and with the New Year New You discount you’ll get the Halo Band and 6 months of membership for only $75, 25% off the usual price of $99.99

Joovv Go 2.0

This is a cute little device with a lot of power in a tiny package. Joovv Go 2.0 fits in your hand, uses light therapy— red and NEAR Infrared wavelengths to improve overall health and wellness. Reported Benefits include better cellular function, healthy skin, enhanced recovery, and optimized sleep (yes, please). Plus it’s small enough to come with you in a purse or bag… whenever we leave the house again!

Powerdot 2.0

So it’s 2021 and you’ve vowed to do more workouts at home… only now you’re super sore since you spent most of 2020 on the couch. Here’s your savior— Powerdot 2.0 is a tiny muscle recovery tool that will run you through muscle stimulation programs to relieve pain, improve your athletic performance and accelerate recovery. Better than pain medication, and more accessible than a therapist… especially right now. 

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