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7 Easy Ways to Disconnect on National Unplugging Day

Unplugging: Nutrition Stripped

I’ve been thinking (and writing) a lot about about health and wellness as it relates to technology. While technology can make our lives 10x easier, the way we use it can also cause a great deal of stress. But, the idea of completely unplugging in a hyperconnected world can be daunting, and sometimes unrealistic. How are we going to work or get in touch with our kids, our parents, our friends, or even our dogs?!

National Day of Unplugging has me thinking about all of this. It’s a project by Reboot which challenges us to step away from our digital lives for a full 24 hours— from sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow (think Tech Sabbath). It’s going to be tough, but a respite from news, and the mania of maintaining all my feeds might be just what the doctor ordered this weekend. I think I’m up for it.

To help you (and me) decide what we’re going to do to get through this, I’ve listed out a few activities that will help us stay away from news feeds and Candy Crushes.

Take a long bath

Light some candles, throw in some Pursoma Digital Detox Bath and relax.

Take a Yoga class

Whether you’re a regular yogi or have never down-dogged in your life, find a local yoga studio and namaste. It’s perfect for preventing tech neck.


When is the last time you sat in silence and really listened to yourself breathe? If you’re new to meditation, I promise you don’t need to be intimidated. Especially if you download Headspace. Quick guided meditations in simple english without anything too woo woo and no sitar music.

Take a nature walk

Get outside with your kids, partners, friends, and/or dogs!

Use aromatherapy

I swear by aromatherapy to improve my psychological and physical well-being and bring me back to the present moment. I wrote about the amazing Vitruvi diffuser in a recent post on Valentine’s Day.

Get in the kitchen

A good friend of mind, Kelly Leveque from Be Well By Kelly, has some to-die-for recipes on her blog. Download a recipe, head to the store and get in the kitchen to cook your family some delicious and healthy food. (I’ll be whisking up a matcha latte like the one Nutrition Stripped photographed above— I know I’m late to the game but they’re my new fave!).


I love a good notebook (my current favorites are these from Appointed). Wield a Sharpie instead of a keyboard for a bit… and you can upload your journal to Evernote once National Day of Unplugging is over.

Read a book

Grab a coffee, break out that paperback book you’ve been meaning to finish, and read away!

I challenge you to unplug for 24 hours with me starting tonight. I promise the world will go on. Maybe we’ll all come back on Sunday with a fresh take on the role that technology plays in our life.

Let me know how you will be unplugging in the comments below. Happy Unplugging!

Photo borrowed from Nutrition Stripped

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