Better Together: Ditch Spin Class Edition

Better together: ditch spin class

You’re an indoor cycling maniac, thanks to mild obsession with SoulCycle.  But every now and then it would be nice to emerge from that dark room and cycle in nature— a sidewalk vista totally beats staring at some dude’s sweat drenched back for an hour. The Linus Dutchi bike, AKA Your Chariot, awaits. With a hi-tensile steel frame and genuine leather grips, its nostalgic style and easy-to-use gears are a match for designophiles and reticent city bikers (I’m both).  Worried all that nature will rob you of important workout stats?  Strap a Timex Cycle Trainer to your handlebars, and you can measure speed, distance, time, altitude, power, calories burned, and pulse via an included wireless armband.  GPS on board lets you map out trails or download them from the web.  Strap on your helmet and you are good to go.

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Better Together: Get Well Soon Edition

Better together: get well

It’s tough to keep yourself well when flu season hits.  I’m forever popping zinc tablets and washing my hands, thanking my lucky stars each night that I’ve evaded whatever bug is going around.  With Tinké I can evaluate my health by more than just my lack of sniffles. Pressing my fingertip to this device transfers data about my heart rate, blood oxygen level, and stress level, and I can read it all on my smartphone.  When I do succumb to the flu, I live on toast and tea, Friends reruns, and the warmth of my hot water bottle.  Mine’s not much to look at, but this Too Beautiful to Hide hot water bottle by Wendy Legro is… hot. With its soft-to-the-touch skin and sleek curves, it’s one sexy bedfellow (not tonight though, I’ve got a fever).

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