Smackdown: Clarisonic vs. Olay Pro-X Facial Brush


Everyone needs an indulgence now and then, and I can’t think of a better winter mini-break than a facial. But even when I’m prepared to splurge, it’s hard to make time. I can barely fit in a shower, let alone an hour devoted to opening my pores. So if I can do a treatment at home that’s just as good as the pro stuff and saves me precious minutes, I’m all about it.

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Pillow Talk: Do Phones Belong in the Bedroom?

iPhones in the bedroom?

Dear Carley,

My significant other says I’m spending too much time using my phone in the bedroom. But I always do a last-minute email check before bed, and I want to catch up on the videos people have sent me all day. Also, when else can I find time for Words with Friends? Is a little phone time at bedtime really so bad?

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Toymail Mailmen let you send cute messages to kids

Toymail Founders

Stay connected. That’s the goal of every working or traveling mom. I know that when I’m away, whether it’s at the grocery store, or on a business trip, I’m always looking for ways to drop a line, say hi, be in touch. My kids are older now, so they’re attached to devices most of the time (how to remedy that is a whole other blog post), so they’re “messagable” whenever I want to tell them I love them to pieces, or to walk the dog before dark.  But how can you send a quick “hello” to the pre-texting set?

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She comes in colors: Appliances with Style

She comes in colors: Appliances

Sponsored Post When it comes to large and small appliances, we’re usually stuck with black, white and stainless. Nice enough, but… why not electric purple or metallic blue? That’s what several companies asked at the CES 2014 in Vegas, where I saw appliances in rainbow colors and patterns.  Put your shades on, and let’s have a look:

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