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Easy ways to collect holiday card addresses

Collecting Addresses

We may be living in a digital world, but when it comes to special occasions, there’s something to be said for going the old-fashioned route of paper holiday cards. My wedding was pre-Facebook/texting/email but even then it was challenging to get everybody’s addresses together, (a lot of phone calls were necessary… remember those?).

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My favorite 2013 holiday cards

Ink Meets Paper: Holiday Cards

The season of greetings and glad tidings is here, calling us to brush up on our correspondence skills and send warm thoughts to family and friends. Dive into the holiday tradition with this mix of send-in-a-click digital and too-pretty-to-ignore paper cards.

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Saving + Shopping

Found: Budget friendly designer clothes.

Shop It To Me

I said goodbye long ago to catalogs on my doorstep, and I’d rather downgrade to an iPhone 3G than navigate one more department store sale section. So, I’ll need a new tactic if I want to stalk my dream designer denim until it’s at a price that my wallet can handle. Discover Shop It To Me, the shopping website my I hoped I’d find before succumbing to the “R-Word” (retail).

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From the Shop

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KitchenAid 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer

Coolest Cooler

Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask


The answer to cord clutter

Cable Bin Blue Lounge

One of the most annoying side effects of a digital life is cord clutter. It’s impossible to avoid, as every gadget comes with a brick and a cable, all vying for space in your drawers or on your countertops. There are so many products on the market designed to help you combat cord clutter, but honestly many of them just end up getting tangled in along with the cords, and frankly, I’m not apt to buy products that doesn’t improve on the concept of a twist tie or a baggie.

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Boost your smartphone battery life

Boost Smartphone battery

I’ve decided that my smartphone battery and I are connected: If my battery runs low— or, heaven forbid, dies— I feel dead too. Maybe we’re just like E.T. and Elliot, sharing an inexplicable physical connection, so when one suffers the other one does too.  Or maybe it’s just that my phone is my lifeline— to my kids, my man, the news, the business deal, and that leather bomber I’ve had my eye on.

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