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10 digital ways to go “back to school”, grown-up style

Logitech Master

Every fall you re-live the excitement of back-to-school season via your kids. New teachers, new topics, new textbooks! But just because your classroom days are long gone doesn’t mean you can’t keep tapping into the power of acquiring knowledge. In fact, fall is the perfect time to master something new—like a technical or creative skill, a language, or the facts on a topic that fascinates you.

For me, learning is life-long… I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself, conquer new things, master the next skill set. Over the years, I’ve been a certified yoga instructor, corporate consultant, graphic designer, teacher, and (of course) mom. (That’s the doctorate degree right there, I tell ya.) If I could be in school forever, I would, so I always have a bit of back-to-school envy when my kids head out for a new school year.

There’s no better time to launch into learning something new than September, IMHO. To help you master something new this season, I partnered with Logitech to share 10 incredible resources for all online classes, featuring all different kinds of digital learning.

Of course, you’ll need the right back-to-school supplies, which is why there’s a giveaway! A suite of Logitech tools to help you master your new skills could be yours (retail value $346!), including:

logitech master giveaway

Get the details on how to win our #LogitechMaster giveaway at the bottom of the post, and in the meantime, check out my picks for the top 10 places to find online classes where you can enjoy your own back-to-school experience no matter how many years it’s been since you had a locker. 


Skillshare: Online classes


Skillshare is the place to go for quick, one-off video lessons on a wide variety of personal and professional development topics, with over 8,000 videos from a community of all kinds of teachers. Read: you can learn how to make a perfect grilled cheese in ten minutes or the fundamentals logo design in just under an hour.


darby smart: Online classes

darby smart

DIY enthusiasts will love Darby Smart, which makes short how-to tutorials for all kinds of beauty, fashion, home, and wedding projects, from how to make your own nail polish to magnetic terrariums and champagne glitter wood coasters. The videos direct you to an already filled shopping cart with the supplies you’ll need to do it at home.


lynda: online classes


Lynda has been a leader in digital education since the 90s, is used by universities all over the world, and has trusted experts teaching its wide range of courses. Where it offers the most is in software learning, like how to master iMovie or Excel (like, really master Excel) and business management skills like how to hire and retain talent.  


edx: online classes


Harvard, MIT, Georgetown? You’re in. EdX allows you to take online courses in academic disciplines like architecture, chemistry, and earth sciences with professors from top universities, and you can even get a verified certificate at the end (for professional credentials or to just show off to your spouse).


Lingvist: Online classes


If you’ve always wanted to speak Japanese or brush up on your Italian, Lingvist promises it can teach you a new language in just 200 hours, thanks to a smart algorithm that keeps track of your progress and can adjust lessons to match your memory pattern.


general assembly: online classes

general assembly

Practical business skills you didn’t learn in college that are now in serious demand on the job market are General Assembly’s speciality. Some courses are only offered at physical locations, but many, like User Experience Design and Digital Marketing, are online.


khan academy: online classes

khan academy

If traditional education tactics didn’t always work well for you, Khan Academy may be a good fit, since it uses research on learning to create a model it calls #YouCanLearnAnything, via practice exercises, videos, and personalized dashboard. There are lots of math course, like algebra and geometry, and deeper topics like art history and macroeconomics. Plus, lots of options for kids, from 5th grade math to SAT prep.


Creative Live: Online Classes


Learn from top artists, musicians, and other creative experts on CreativeLive, where you’ll be able to pick up skills like photography fundamentals, audio recording, sewing, or scrapbooking.


Code Academy: Online Classes


In the internet age, coding is one of the most marketable skills out there, and Codecademy teaches it interactively, for free.


 Treehouse: Online Classes


If you want to go deeper when it comes to coding and web development, Treehouse offers 6 to 12 month online Techdegree programs on topics like JavaScript and iOS that will outfit you with all of the skills you need to claim the pro title on your resume.



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