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Moms: This Text Service is Your New Personal Shopper and BFF

Jetblack Personal Shopper

Have you heard of Jetblack? It’s a new concierge service for moms that’s basically like a having a personal shopper or assistant whenever you have an urgent or last-minute need (so, like, all the time).

Just used the second to last diaper? Text “J”—the nickname for your digital assistant—and a fresh supply of Honest Company diapers will be couriered straight to your door. Have a question about the right crib mattress for your growing toddler? Again, text “J” for help and she’ll send some suggestions. During the on-boarding process, you’ll tell J all your kids ages, along with brand and size preferences, so you can shorthand with her from then on.

Since right now the service is only available in New York and Brooklyn (with more cities expected to come soon), I asked my friend Rachel—who’s Brooklyn-based and a new mom—to give it a whirl just in time for a bit of inclement winter weather. They sent a selection of self-care essentials straight to her door so she could have the full Jetblack pampering experience, see the quality of brands they offer, and check out the delivery process.

Self-Care, Delivered

Here’s what was included in the drop-off, packaged together as a gift in a jet black-hued bag (natch): There was Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist from Eurospa Aromatics, Quinn popcorn with real butter and sea salt, a cleansing balm from BeautyCounter, a pair of plush and cozy socks, and, finally, a Hot Fire-scented candle from Olfactory NYC.

Not a bad way to spend a snow day. Will put to use while the baby is napping, she texted me.

Wellness Kit: Jetblack Personal Shopper

So, while her 13-month-old snoozed, she got to work. First up, the shower mist: Just three spritzes into the steam as soon as the water gets hot and your bathroom is filled with the restorative aroma of eucalyptus, exactly what a new mom needs to clear her head. (Alas, my husband immediately swiped this to soothe his congested sinuses, Rachel reported.) Post-shower, she lit the Hot Fire-scented candle, which she reported smelled precisely like a crackling blaze in the fireplace. For her, it was a nice way to pretend she was sitting fireside in her (fireplace-less) Brooklyn apartment.

Next, she tested the cleansing balm from BeautyCounter (a clean beauty brand that I’m a huge fan of) and put on the warm pair of new socks, which look as luxe as they are purported to be. As for the popcorn, Rachel saved that for a movie night the following weekend: It had just the right amount of sea salt and butter to feel like a treat.

The cost to subscribe is $50 per month, plus the price of any goods purchased. Not a bad deal when you consider that it covers personal shopping and same or next day deliveries all month for anything you could possibly need… including gift wrapping if that’s in order.  

Errands, Handled

I also did a bit of texting with J about gift ideas for an upcoming tween birthday party for a girl who likes horses, and a baby shower I had coming up for a mom who likes designer clothes. All the gift ideas they suggested were on budget, thoughtful and stylish enough for me to pass them off as my own. And while I’m currently out of the delivery range, it was interesting to put Jetblack’s research team to the test and see the caliber of the products they might suggest. (I could even send a picture of a T-shirt, a book, or a toy and they’ll do their best to source and find it. Impressive.)

Jenny Fleiss: Jetblack Personal Shopper

Jetblack was founded by Jenny Fleiss (above), within Walmart’s incubator for innovative retail companies. Smart, since it’s the kind of service that could benefit from having a large retailer on speed dial. Prior to Jetblack, Fleiss co-founded Rent the Runway, which makes designer dresses rentable, another genius idea. All this plus, of course, she’s a mom, so she gets it— and by “it” I mean that new-mom helplessness you feel when you pluck your last wipe out of the tub at 9am, and you can’t see your way out of pyjamas, let alone down to the drug store to get some more. Sure, it’s a luxury play— not everyone has $50 to burn each month on a delivery service— but for those of us new moms with no help and lots to do, it could be a literal godsend, and a fraction of what a human personal shopper might cost.

I love that the twin goals of this service seem to be taking care of mom and taking care of business for mom. To have a kit of indulgent items be dropped off at my door took all the hard work out of self-care. And the idea that a new mom can make errands happen by texting requests anytime— saving her the hassle—is really a game-changer.

A Jetblack sample delivery was provided for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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