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Internet Overload, School Madness, and Home Management

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I’ve been roaming the web, writing for some of my favorite blogs.  Here are a handful of posts I’ve written lately full of all kinds of good stuff to help you get organized, manage internet overwhelm, and run your home.

Back to school: Evernote Blog  
On the Evernote Blog: A Parent’s Guide To Back To School Madness

From class rosters, to handouts, school sure does generate a lot of paperwork and information… and that’s not even including all the artwork you’ve got to find a place for! In this article, I share my tips for handling all the back to school madness with my note-keeping, digital filing cabinet of choice, Evernote.



On the Manilla Blog: Internet Overlead: How To Keep Your Head Above Water

It can be completely overwhelmnig to try and wade through the limitless firehose of content that is The Internet. You’ll never be done reading, and never stop acquiring new sites, new links and new corners of the web to explore. Luckily, there are apps being created everyday to help you keep your head above water and avoid Internet overload. Here are four of them that I use to keep myself afloat.



On the Honest Company Blog: Apps That Make Your Home Run Smoothly

Because I do enjoy the occasional deep breath and would love to continue to enjoy my roles as mother/friend/wife/human, I’ve decided to employ an army of digital tools to support my pursuit of an organized home life. It’s become a sport for me, but I can pretty much guarantee that if you have a chore you loathe doing, there’s an app that will do it for you, or make it ridiculously simple for you to do yourself. Here are a few that make my house just a bit more sane.


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