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Some ergonomic upgrades for your home office

ergonomic upgrades

As the days and weeks turned into months and years, many of us settled into work-from-home life. But that doesn’t mean it ever got easier, or more comfortable, to sit in our home offices (dining rooms? kitchen tables?) and stare at a screen all day. Hopefully many of you made the small improvements you needed to help your eyes, back, and wrists survive the change in routine, but in case you’re still looking for ways to improve your workspace, here are a few ideas.

Sit Pretty

Getting the right chair is essential to making sure your bootie is supported, your back doesn’t get wrenched and your posture survives the pandemic. A good desk chair can be pricey, but this one won’t break the bank, and I love that it isn’t black:

Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Task Chair


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Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Task Chair


We slave away at our keyboards, and point and click our way through the day. All those repetitive motions can cause soreness, numbness, or other unpleasantries. Keyboard and mice that are designed with ergonomics in mind can help a great deal.

Take a stand

Since doctors declared sitting to be “the new smoking,” many of us have turned to standing desks to help us stay limber during the workday. Here’s an option, along with one that will convert the desk you have already:

Eyes up here

Bringing your screen up to eye level, where your neck doesn’t have to crane down to see it, can be challenging with a laptop. A stand like this can help.

Ergonomic laptop stand

Twelve South$59

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Ergonomic laptop stand

Comfort Afoot

You get your chair to the height that your wrists and arms are comfortable… and then feet don’t quite reach the floor. This can spell trouble for your legs— if your feet are supported, the support can help you stabilize your lower back. A footrest does the trick (and if it has heat or massage, I’m not complaining.)

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