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Back to school outfit + clever closet organizing

It’s oppressively hot here in Los Angeles, but that isn’t stopping me from daydreaming about plaid, wool and biker boots. No matter how long I live here in California, back to school time will always mean brisk chilly fall days (my favorite season… in weather and fashion).

So I put together a little dream outfit here— “dream”, because I won’t be wearing anything like this for months, but maybe some of you can pull on a sweater and a pair of boots and enjoy it for me!

Fall is also the time when I usually give my closet a good clean out. I like a trim closet, so I can see everything and nothing gets too buried. Of course, no matter how many clothes I weed out and purge, a girl can always dream of having a bigger, more tricked out space to hang her wardrobe, and the master closet in the HGTV Smart Home 2013 was nothing short of inspirational. Tons of innovating closet tricks and amenities that made the space spectacular:  A disappearing clothing rack that doubles your closet space? Check. Fold-away mirror and hideaway hamper? It’s there. Ironing board that fits into a drawer? Yes, really.

Have a look at my back to school outfit, and then check out the video below for some clever closet organizing tips.

Back to School
Back to School by carleyknob featuring ASOS



Got great closet organizing tricks? Spill ’em in the comments!

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