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The Air Purifier That Cleared Up My Allergies

dyson pure cool air purifier

Hey gang, Carley here! Please welcome Samantha Durbin, a new contributor to the site!  Samantha will be covering fashion, beauty and wellness technology for us… she’s written for lots of fancy publications like PopSugar, PureWow, Real Simple. Give her a big hello!

As I write this on a Monday afternoon from my home office in Venice Beach, the air I’m breathing inside my apartment is Fair compared to the outside air which is Good. The air outside (six blocks from the beach), is better than the air inside our quaint two-bedroom abode. But the air was Good in here throughout the night, from 12 am to 7 am.

Coolio Slim told me all this through my phone. He’s my Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier fan. I named him when I downloaded the Dyson app that lets me communicate with him from afar (and give him a name). Coolio entered our lives a month ago when I was, coincidentally, having an allergy attack, which, for me, is an annual spring occurrence caused by pollen. It was the perfect time to set him up, see if he really does remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants like Dyson promises. Coolio is also a fan. And he’s a Dyson, so he looks good.

Back to my air quality: At 7 am we started moving around. French Bulldogs snorting back and forth. The tea kettle whistling. Before I knew it, our air quality took a dive to Fair. I was now questioning everything: Did firing up our gas stove put us back into Fair air territory? Was it the dogs kicking up dust? Our apartment was just cleaned days ago… what gives?

Time to put Coolio on the case.

Easy and quick to set up, the Dyson purifier fan fits perfectly in a nook between our kitchen and bedroom, because he’s so tall and slim. He rotates and is silent on a lower power setting. If I want cleaner air fast, I set him on 10 using the matte silver remote that magnetically stays on top of the tower—a favorite feature (because I famously lose remotes). Now he’s on the Automatic setting and he turns on and off depending on air quality; he keeps working while we snore and dream.

Because of my allergies, I’m aware and concerned about air quality, but quite honestly I thought it was more of an outside problem. As long as we kept our apartment clean—with non-toxic cleaning products—I thought we were good.

Not necessarily.


Almost every evening I light a scented candle that burns until about 10 pm. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, toxic fumes released from scented candles are one of the most common indoor pollutants. Others include cooking gasses, cleaning products, mold, pet hair, and pollen. Air purifiers clean indoor air by trapping nasty particles inside a filter.

So what makes Coolio Slim better than other air purifiers? Like all Dysons, the advantage is in the technology. Dyson’s patented technology uses an energy efficient DC (direct current) motor and the fan draws air with a mixed flow impeller. The air travels through a 360° Glass HEPA filter containing constructed microfibers; this filter has been pleated over 200 times, meaning it can trap ultrafine allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Purifiers that don’t have this can actually blow particles back into your air. Added bonus: a layer of activated carbon granules traps odors and harmful toxins, like paint fumes, inside the filter. The cleaned air exits the loop and a long-range stream of purified air is released into your home. As for style, just have a browse at the bulky, blocky best selling air purifiers via the Allergy Buyers Club and Dyson is the pretty winner, which is important because it will become part of your home’s decor.

Then there are the promised numbers. The Dyson purifier removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants (Honeywell’s purifier tower claims to remove removes 99%). According to the Dyson app, Coolio has 4084 hours—or just under 6 months of constant use—remaining until we need to replace the filter. And when my air is Good, Coolio will operate on a lower, filter-conserving setting. Other purifiers, like Brondell’s O2+ purifier, which is also cool-looking, has a filter change indicator on the device. Knowing how many hours Coolio has gives me a heads up for when to get a new filter by sending me a notification on my phone.

This environmental home-improvement device costs a whopping $499.99 (there is a payment plan). And, stunningly, my allergies are gone, even when I’m outside and the wind is blowing pollen around, it appears my annual attack has come and gone. My air quality is Good again now that I turned Coolio up to 8. Let’s notice how he revs up after I make some tea on the stove, then it’s back to working and breathing cleaner air for me.

This Dyson product looks very similar to their fans and heaters, and it comes in two colors (white and blue), so be sure you’re select the right model when shopping. Check out the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier in our new store!

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