7 things I’m loving now (or waiting for)

Hum by Verizon

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve covered everything interesting in the tech space, and nothing new and inspiring is hitting my radar. This isn’t one of those times. My Inbox has been flooded lately with cool new tech products that I haven’t been able to keep up with, so I thought I’d share a bunch of them today: Some I’ve tested, some I’ve Kickstarted, and some I’m waiting anxiously for. Let me know which appeal to you in the comments.

Light Phone: Cool new tech products

Light Phone

For those of us who have trouble wrestling our attention away from our smart phones, Light Phone ($100) wants to be your “phone away from phone”.  It’s a device you set up to forward your smartphone calls to, so you can still be reachable, but that’s it— no screen, no apps, no distractions. It’s lightweight, lasts up to 20 days on a single charge, and just might save a friendship or two. It comes with 500 minutes of pre-paid talk time, but the idea, of course, is minimal contact, and more presence. Pre-Order Now


Kokoon: Cool new tech products


Kokoon ($229) is a project I have personally Kickstarted, and if they weren’t scheduled to ship months from now, I’d be waiting by my mailbox for them. Soft noise-cancelling headphones that you can sleep in, with integrated brain-sensing EEG technology: They’ll play white noise until I fall asleep, then turn it off once I’m dreaming. Plus, they’ll wake me up (gently) at the perfect time in my sleep cycle. A companion app will share how I did during the night and give me pointers to get even more shut-eye. Literally, a dream device.  Pre-Order now.


ONotes Cyrano: Cool new tech products


Cyrano ($149) wants you to smell what’s on your smartphone. Somehow, a scent cartridge you pop inside this device (great for a bedroom, or fits in your car’s cupholder) can “play” smells like a speaker plays music. Use the companion app to dial up relaxing blend of vanilla and lavender before bed, or send a coconut-and-suntan-lotion scent to your friend’s Cyrano to get her pumped for your upcoming tropical vacay.  Order now.


Juicero: Cool new tech products



Juicing is a lot of work, and messy. Juicero wants to make it dead simple: They’ll ship you packs of fresh produce, perfectly proportioned and vacuum sealed, that you slip into the machine. In about a minute, the packs are fresh-pressed into a perfect morning juice recipe, ranging from greens to roots and other great flavors. No more chopping, sticky counters, fumbling with quantities, and all that clean-up. The focus is on getting you packs within days of harvest, which is why they’re only available in California (for now). Juicero is pricey ($700, with packs ranging from $4 to $10), but if you’re paying $8 or 9 for a juice fix more often than you’d like, and feeling guilty about the plastic waste, this might make sense over time. Learn more here.


Flatev: Cool new tech products



Follow your morning juice up with Flatev, the Keurig of tortillas. I didn’t even know I needed one of those, but now it’s all I can think about: Insert an all-natural ingredient dough pod, and in seconds you have a warm, perfectly pressed tortilla. BOOM— taco night game-changer. This company is only taking interested email addresses at this point, but I’m on the list and I’m watching closely. Reserve now.



Hum by Verizon: Cool new tech products

Hum by Verizon

Hum turns your dumb car into a smart one by adding tons of diagnostic features (so you can know, at a glance, what those engine lights mean), and roadside assistance with the push of a button. To my eye, it’s biggest selling feature is a chaperone for teens, but maybe that’s because I’ll have my first driving child in about a year: Hum will monitor their driving speed, and set up boundary alerts, and pin-point the car’s location with a single tap of it’s companion app. Hum costs $10/month after a free 14-day trial, and they’re currently waiving all equipment fees, activation fees, and 3 months of service. Seems like a good time to try it. Order now.


Quip: Cool new tech products


Here’s something I don’t think about that often: How clean my toothbrush is, and when the last time was that I swapped it out. Aaand now I’m thinking about it. Aaaand now I’m grossed out. Quip has developed a solution: A subscription service that sends you a new toothbrush head every 3 months, which is how often most dentists say you should swap out your old bristles. Quip’s toothbrush is attractive (comes in lovely finishes including iPhone-coordinating gold!), weighty in the hand, and has a vibration guide that helps you brush for the right amount of time. Plus, it’s weighted so it always sits bristles up (THANK YOU!). Add toothpaste to your subscription and you’ll get a tube for home, and a travel tube as well. Order now.

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