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The kids and my musical tastes vary so wildly that you never know what you’re going to hear. We have an agreed-upon system for who gets to drive musical selections in the car so that fights don’t break out, because (depending on who’s calling the shots) you might hear 90s Grunge, mind-numbing Electronica, or some Hip Hop beats (that last one’s mine).

On Sunday mornings, with pancakes and smoothies underway, it’s usually my husband’s turn to drive the musical choices, and he often selects the “Yacht Rock” station on Pandora, a smooth-tastic mix of 70’s soft rock. (We’ve had to suffer through “Sailing” and “Rosanna” ad nauseam). As much as we all pretend to loathe each other’s musical tastes, I know my kids are feeding on a healthy diet of history and eclecticism that will serve them well as they make their way through life. And every now and then I find my punk rock daughter gorging on show tunes, or my EDM-loving son mashing up  an old Fleetwood Mac track, so I know it’s all coming together.

It’s not just what we’re listening to, but what we’re listening on that has evolved so much over the last few years. It’s all about wireless speakers that let you stream whatever you’re in the mood for effortlessly from your phone. So without further pontification, I’m giving away one of my favorite speakers on the blog today.

Today’s Prize: Libratone Loop Speaker

wireless speaker

It’s a wireless speaker that will fill your whole room with sound, and it’s fashionable to boot. Use a Mac, PC, Android or iOS phone to stream anything you like via AirPlay or DLNA. And with it’s removable, swappable covers, you can change it’s style like you’d change your own sweater.

Best of luck in the giveaway today. Come back tomorrow for another one!
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