The Pantech Discover is a budget phone and traffic cop

Pantech Discover

When it comes to smartphones, it’s all about more features, smaller footprints and bigger hard drives… and those “more” phones usually come with a big price tag.  The Pantech Discover packs a ton of thoughtful features (read: ones you might actually use) at a great price, and it’s a great phone for a few different types of people.

A large 4.8″ HD display plus a pair of tiny-yet-powerful 3D surround sound speakers (yes, on your phone!) make it a great device for watching movies, TV or playing games, even if you forgot to bring your headphones. A 12.6MP camera that takes HDR pictures means you’ll be able to get great photos (larger than the iPhone, not as big as the Samsung Galaxy S4, by comparison).

Android novices will love the “easy experience mode” that makes the phone’s OS friendlier and less cluttered, and road warriors will appreciate the pre-installed AT&T Drive Mode app that disables texting and other phone features while you’re driving, so you can stay focused on the road. (That app is available for all Android and Blackberry phones, BTW, so go get it whether you have this phone or not!)  Plus, there’s VPN and EAS support so you can safely access your corporate email and intranets: No more “this is my work phone and this is my other phone.”

Some drawbacks: It’s missing a quad-core processor, and it’s running Android 4.0 “Ice cream sandwich” which means you can’t use Google Now. Given that it’s only $49 with a new 2-year contract at AT&T ($399 MSRP), you could overlook those shortcomings and get yourself a pretty full-featured phone for a great price.

Check out the Pantech Discover

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