Bright Idea: Flir One

Flir One

Taking pictures with your phone is one thing. But to really trick out your cell, how about giving it night vision? Flir One┬áis a cell phone case that contains a thermal imaging camera, so you can see in total darkness. What’s that good for?

For starters, you could do a home energy evaluation. Point it at a window, and you’ll see if cold air is escaping.

Or switch to the Temperature function, aim it at a person, and find out if they have a fever! You can also use it to check for moisture in the basement of a house you’re thinking of buying, or say, in your apartment’s drywall before it leaks. It’s a nice safety gadget if you’re walking through a dark place and want to make sure there aren’t any living beings lurking in the bushes. It could also be a helpful pet finder when your dog or cat slips out at night. Plus if you want the coldest drink in the freezer case, Flir can clue you in. It’s not available quite yet, but you can get on the list here.

I teamed up with DIY Network to make a quick video about the Flir. See me and the Flir in action here!

It’s a hot topic.

Flir One

How would you use an infrared camera? Let me know in the comments!

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