How to use Instagram’s Face Filters

Instagram Story Face Filters

Just when you think you’ve finally figured out how to add a flower crown to your selfie in Snapchat or turn yourself into an adorable puppy, along comes another silly yet addictive social media enhancement: Instagram Stories’s new face filters.

The feature launched last month, and I’ve got to admit that I’m having almost as much fun with it as I do with Snapchat. Because, it works kind of exactly like Snapchat’s face filters do. Facebook has been chided in the media for ripping off Snapchat’s features one by one, and this copycat is no different. But hey, alls fair in love and social media, I guess.  

Granted, there are only 10 filters currently (Snapchat has a lot more), but in addition to baby animals, the virtual options include a variety of crowns, a peacock, nerd glasses and more. The animations are artful, and dare I say it, more sophisticated — well, as sophisticated as adding fuzzy koala ears to your face can be!

Unlike Snapchat, which is always confusing to me (and most of, AHEM, a certain age), Instagram’s face filters are super easy to use. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Instagram Story Face Filters

How to Use Instagram Stories’s New Face Filters

  1. Open the Instagram app, make sure you’re on the “home” page, and tap on the tiny camera icon in the top left corner. 
  2. Select the selfie camera by tapping the circle of arrows to switch cameras.
  3. Tap on the “Smiley” button or press on your face to pull up a tray of filters. Select one (Current favorite: Monocle and top hat). 
  4. Take a photo, a video, or even a Boomerang.
  5. Tap “Save” to save it to your camera roll, tap “Your Story” to add it to your Instagram Story, or tap “Next” to select a friend to send it to directly. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to decide whether I look better with a butterfly crown or bunny ears. 

(Bunny ears, obvi! Right?)

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