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7 Pretty Weather Apps To Make Winter More Tolerable

Beautiful Weather Apps

What is it about weather apps that inspires people, especially designers? It could be monsooning outside with a side of sleet and hail, but inside, I find myself gazing warmly at a beautifully considered weather display, and everything’s somehow better. 

Weather apps are deceptively simple, but hard to master. You want to get in, find out how hot or cold it’s going to be, and get out. But how they display the information, along with humidity, forecasting, as well as multiple cities without it getting overly complicated and numbers-driven? It’s a bit of an art form, and increasingly more and more designers are up for the challenge. The beautiful weather app options are endless, but these 7 are my favorite for instant creativity.


Weather Dial 2

When you’ve seen one too many complicated designs, sometimes all you’re after is simplicity. Weather Dial 2 (iOS; $1.99) offers one of the sleekest, most beautiful designs without all the fuss. You can use the app in both portrait and landscape view for a better display. From an hour-by-hour forecast and humidity level to a precipitation chart and the option to add multiple locations, Weather Dial 2 has you covered.



Does your weather app every say 100% chance of rain, but then you step outside and it’s dry as can be? Some apps can’t necessarily pride themselves on accuracy, but Sun (iOS; $1.99) can. The beautifully-designed app is powered by Dark Sky, which pulls data from 19 different sources for the most precise weather displays. The app also shares precipitation in your exact location, and it can predict the future by sharing your location’s expected weather.

Wild Weather

Wild Weather

Art meets accuracy in this stunning, hand-drawn weather app. When you open Wild Weather (iOS; $1.99), you’ll see precise 5-day weather forecasts on the same screen as illustrated wildlife and scenery. Specific weather conditions are even animated for an added special effect. We’re warning you now: you may find yourself staring at this app long after you’ve digested the current weather conditions.


Fresh Air

Fresh Air (iOS; free) is all about how you see the weather, not just what you see. The app allows you to see everything you want – temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and more – all in one 7-day, minute-by-minute animated graph. And no more leaving the house without a coat because the temperature suggested you didn’t need one; Fresh Air has a “feels like” feature to give you an accurate understanding of the outdoors.



Do you consider 65 degrees hot or cold? Like so many other things in life, temperature is subjective. Luckily, Sunshine (iOS; free) allows you to customize weather interpretation to your liking. Does humidity put you in a bad mood? Once you share this type of information with the app, it produces a customized weather digest with weather advice every day. Things are looking brighter already.



Oh, so you mean you don’t have the vocabulary of a meteorologist? Shade (iOS; $1.99) understands. Too many weather apps are difficult to understand, but the forecast and other information provided by Shade is easily digestible. Certain colors are used to label weather conditions and temperatures, and you can get automated notifications for future precipitation. Like they say, it’s an “app for all of us” – even those of us who don’t really understand the weather.



I always wish I could see what someone else is wearing in preparation for the weather outside. Is it hot enough for shorts? Will the humidity mess with my hair? Do I really need this light jacket? Swackett (iOS; free) displays avatars of real people dressed appropriately for right now, the daytime, or nighttime, including things like sunglasses and umbrellas. Consider the Swackett app your own personal weather model.

Do pretty weather apps help you weather the…uh, weather? Let me know in the comments (if you can handle my puns!)

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