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You Won’t Miss a Moment of Olympic Action with These Apps

Olympics Apps

There’s been a lot of drama leading up to the Rio Olympics—from concerns about unfinished facilities, polluted waters, and Zika, to doping controversies.

But when the 2016 Summer Games kick off tonight, I’ll likely forget about all of that and be immediately caught up in the excitement. Serena and Venus! Gymnastics! Gwen Jorgensen for the gold! Anyone with me?!

Just in case, I’ve got you covered so you won’t miss one exciting moment or headline. Check out these four Olympics apps for keeping up with the Olympics like a real pro.

Olympic Apps

To Follow The Torch

The official Rio 2016 app allows you to follow the Olympic torchbearers around Brazil, with real-time photos and videos. It also includes information on venues, the competition schedule, and news updates.

Olympic Apps

To Check Scores and Medal Counts

Track results with the NBC Olympics: Rio News & Results app, so you’re in the know about big wins and losses.


Olympic Apps

To Watch an Unprecedented Amount of Footage

NBC Universal will be airing 365 hours of coverage per day for 19 days across many different networks and websites, which means an overwhelming number of viewing options. The best way to get easy access to coverage 24-7, wherever you are, is via the NBC Sports app.


Olympic Apps

To Feel Like You’re in Brazil

Finally, the Olympics always makes you want to get to know the host country better, right? To do that, delve into Brazilian destinations and culture using the Brazil Travel Guide app. It’s not the same as being there, but maybe it’ll inspire an epic vacay sometime soon?

Which Olympic events are you most excited for? Share with me, in the comments below!

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