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Friday Links: Inbox Relief

Hillary Clinton email woes
All of Hillary Clinton’s email woes have inspired this week’s round-up of articles, all about how to gain control of your Inbox.

Oh Hillary, why must you act so shady all the time? Whether you think she’s up to no good or not, you have to admit that her use of private email for official Secretary of State business just… looks baaad.  Interesting, though, how no one was bothered by her personal email until it got close to her announcing her Presidential run, amirite?

The truth is, I don’t know a single person who isn’t aggravated by email: Too much, at all hours, piling up, never relenting. People who don’t answer emails (innocent oversight, or power play?) and the evil Reply All. Sometimes it feels like an insurmountable, digital mountain of mess. I hope the links below provide a little insight, and can help you chip away at that bloated Inbox.

photo credit: NBC News

4 comments on “Friday Links: Inbox Relief”

  1. Stay a-political, would you? Or also mention how the Bush administration also “lost” quite a few emails themselves. Anyway, at the risk of losing followers, I think you keep yourself out of the political fray

    1. Leslie— I appreciate your thoughts here. Hillary is my girl, and has been for years, but I think it’s important to be able to discuss bad “moments” that all these politicians have without making it a “them too” kind of thing. Yes, You’re totally right about the Bush administration. But it doesn’t take away from how untoward this moment his for Hillary. Anyway, that’s my two cents!

      1. Mariela— I don’t know whether you meant do I have futile discussions, or do I have shortcomings. But I have both. 🙂

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