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Reader Questions: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Phone?

phone cleaner

“Carley, I saw you talk about cleaning your tech on an old Digitwirl video. What phone cleaner products do you like now, to clean my smartphone and other devices? My phone is always gross, and my kids phones and video game controllers are even more disgusting.”  — Janessa D. Okay, be honest: When was the last time you really cleaned your phone? (And no, wiping it on your jeans doesn’t count.) If you’re thinking a quick screen polish every now…

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Back to school week: ‘Do your homework’ edition

When the kids get home from school, that’s when the fun starts… homework. It’s time to sit down in a well-lit space and crank.  Check out my favorite tech-cessories for getting it all done.  (Snack not pictured). We’re talking back to school all this week— have you seen our posts about getting out the door stress-free, note-taking, and locker decor? Be sure to check back all week for more posts! 1. My Homework app (for iPhone, Android, Kindle and more),…

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