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The Kitchen Gadget That’s Giving My Health a Reboot This Month

Juicero Fresh Pressed Juice at home

Sometimes, a little refresh is necessary… and a company that helps people sip on delicious, nutrient-packed juice pressed from fruits and veggies understands that. Just about a year after it debuted to lots of wellness-tech buzz, Juicero—often referred to as the “Keurig of cold-pressed juice” thanks to its innvoative, single-serving style—is making some changes. The biggest? Many people balked at the initial $700 price tag (for good reason!), so they’re dropping the price to $399. Not exactly a bargain, but at that price it will…

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Eat + Entertain Wellness

7 facts about Juicero, the Keurig of cold-pressed juice

Juicero Cold Pressed Juice

Juicero may be the most talked-about good-for-you kitchen gadget of the year, and it’s no wonder. Created by Doug Evans, the co-founder of popular New York City juice bar chain Organic Avenue, it brought in $120 million in investments and earned the nickname the “Keurig of juice” long before it debuted at the end of March. It allows you to make fresh, cold-pressed juice at home, without the headaches: No chopping, no washing, no waste. No beet stains on your cutting…

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Weighing In (and, a giveaway).

kitchen scale giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  Every night I go to bed, resolved to turn over a new leaf when it comes to eating right. And by lunchtime I’ve blown it. By dinner I’m scheming and planning for tomorrow’s triumph… and then I’m polishing off some french toast, shaking my head. Maybe it’s the french fries talking, but sometimes I feel like getting my eating habits in order is hopeless. I guess it’s not all bad: Some days, I’m having a smoothie for…

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