What’s on your Phone? Caterina Fake


When I’m traveling someplace, sometimes I wish I could conjure up the wisdom of those who have been there before me. Let’s say I’m in a bustling bazaar— which vendors are willing to make the best deal? At an impressionist museum— which way to the tucked-away gems on the fifth floor? Imagine if your smartphone could unlock notes from other visitors to the place you’re at, sharing stories, tips and insight. Now, you’re imagining Findery, a new app that lets you annotate the world around you. A brilliant idea, founded by Caterina Fake, a woman who’s no stranger to brilliant ideas (she co-founded websites like Flickr and Hunch).  We asked Caterina what other brilliant stuff was on her phone, and she gave us the skinny.

Caterina Fake


“Like everyone else these days, I like Threes. I also like Facebook Paper!”


“Fragmentary head of a queen. I always visit this in the Egyptian wing of the Met, whenever I am in New York.”


“Ralph Kirshbaum – Suites for Cello, Suite No. 1 in G.  This is apparently the song I’ve listened to most since I began scrobbling my songs in 2004. Which doesn’t surprise me since I found the Bach Cello Suites to be very beautiful, so I play them as I am cooking.”

Follow Caterina on twitter @Caterina, and download Findery here.

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