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People, I’m going to the Oscars this weekend. It’s happening. And I’m going on the arm of the best guy I know— knew him when he was a little pip squeak in 90s grunge flannel, dreaming about making it big in the music business. Now his song is nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar, and he’s producing the night’s musical performance. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

But more impressive than that is the fact that somehow, amid the regular chaos that is two kids, crazy work deadlines and travel, I actually managed to pull myself together an Oscar outfit… a fancy evening bag and everything! I had a little help from the ladies at La Marque, who are incredibly sweet and know their way around heels and handbags. A million thank yous, ladies! And my dear/talented friend Suzanne Felsen will be helping me out with jewelry too. You’ll have to catch me on Instagram to see the final head-to-toe.

All of this kerfuffle around getting ready has inspired a new series I’m calling “Wear It With:” A chic wearable, paired with the perfect outfit. I hope you love the very first of the series— an Oscar fantasy outfit!

For this ultra-formal look, I love the WiseWear Calder in gold, which is a fabulous bracelet that has multiple functions. It will vibrate to alert you of incoming texts, emails and calls, it will track your activity to help you stay fit, and with a simple tap it can send a distress signal to your contacts if you feel unsafe (I guess that will be helpful for those rough patches on the red carpet, LOL).

More notably, it’s one of three bracelets designed by fashion-forward people to look great on it’s own, or to stack with others. It’s chic with evening wear— you can’t say that about most rubbery wearables!

Let me know what you think in the comments and come find me on Instagram this weekend for behind the scenes Oscar moments (and my actual Oscar outfit!).


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  1. So glad I found you again! Used to get your videos on tech items but it ended and haven’t been able to find you until now! Thank you! I love your tech presentations and am amazed that you find so many really neat things!!

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