Wear It With: Motorola 360

motorola 360

I’ve been observing the new “less is more,” “fewer, better” movement when it comes to wardrobe, and it really suits me. Lately, I’ve been investing in more timeless pieces, stocking up on basics, and sticking to minimal color palates: namely black, white, grey, denim and stripes. Oh, and some pops of red, just cuz I’m nutty like that.

So when I was playing with Motorola’s Moto 360 Moto Maker the other day, I wanted to design a watch that felt timeless, neutral, and like it could go with a range of outfits. I settled on this design:

Moto 360

It’s gold bezel and clean face (which you can change on a whim, see the black face below) feels very fresh and modern, and the double band in blush leather seals the deal. This watch works with Android phones only, does everything you need it to do: Keeps you updated via email and text alerts, keeps you motivated with step tracking, heart monitoring and goal setting, and keeps you connected with Wifi even if you leave your phone at home (a feature Apple Watch doesn’t have). It also keeps you looking great, giving Apple Watch a run for its money when it comes to a design that’s eye-catching yet doesn’t scream, “Look at me, I’m a smart watch! BLEEP BLOOP!”

I’ve contemplated the pros and cons of Smart Watches in the past, and even sold my first Apple Watch within months of buying it. But lately, I’ve been contemplating getting a new one, with the influx of new bands, new functionality, and the ability to hold my phone less. I primarily use an iPhone, so wearing this one is out of the cards for me, but you Android users out there should snap one up.

So here’s a spring outfit I designed around the Moto 360— all stuff I’m wearing (or want to be) this season, with the Moto 360, a worthy addition to my minimal wardrobe of late.


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