Tech on Trend: Rattan

Rattan: Tech on trend

Summer’s got me like YESSS! right now and though we are firmly in Los Angeles’ “June gloom” season, I have my eye on our trip to Canada, and a blissful week of QUIET up at the cottage before the kids head off to summer camp. Until then, I’ll be running around like a mad woman trying to tie up all loose ends, work and personal, before we head off, since this departure will kick off 8 weeks of travel for the kids, and 3 weeks of travel for me. I’ll be heading straight to Mexico for a much-needed trip with my husband, and then immediately heading out meet with the fine folks at QVC to plan some upcoming fun stuff!

Summer requires a bit of a refresh, both of one’s wardrobe and ones environs, to reflect the lightness and the mood of the season. To my eye, there’s nothing that says IT’S SUMMERTIME AND LET’S ALL HANG OUT ON THE VERANDA AND DRINK COLD THINGS like rattan. One part tropical, one part humble, I’ve been folding its lightweight texture into my home decor more and more these days, and I’m delighted to see the look crop up both in the world of tech, and personal accessories.

Summer’s upon us! Let’s revel in rattan— here are a few of my favorite pieces for you, your home and your technology.

Tech on trend: Rattan

handbag | mirror | radio | iPhone case | day bed

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