Mixtape: Going to the Grammys

Taylor drops a Grammy

It can’t be overstated that music is a huge part of my life.

My husband works in the business (as they say in LA), putting music in movies and his office is a revolving door of legendary and about-to-be-huge artists. My son is a working DJ at age 13, and we bond over epic mashups, dirty rap lyrics, and The Roots. My daughter is currently exploring punk and broadway soundtracks, which makes for an interesting carpool soundtrack. At home, we all pick up instruments and have family jam sessions— I try hard not to weep from joy.

Little known fact (to new friends): I was in a series of rock bands in high school and college, singing and playing guitar. In other words, don’t get me drunk near a karaoke bar. Or do. Either way, you will likely hear me belt a tune or two. Apologies in advance.

Talking about music is one of the ways my husband won my heart, and even though I’m not in the business, I get to live in the neighborhood, and I love it. This weekend, I’ll beat the Grammys and a handful of pre-Grammy events with my man, filling up on little bitty crab cakes and trying to spy rock stars.  I’ll be snapping all kinds of pictures on Instagram if you wanna follow along. Will you be watching the show? What artists are you looking forward to seeing most?


Here I am, last year, photobombed by various guys in suits.

I made a playlist of my favorite Grammy-nominated tracks for you, including a couple of deep tracks and a few twists: I swapped a remix version of “Say Something” for the original (killer to work out to), and while I LOVE Beyoncés “XO”, I loved John Mayer’s version even better. WARNING: The last two tracks are explicit— cover the kids’ ears for those, kay?

Oh, and that Annie Lennox song is about to drop with one of my husband’s big projects, so go pre-order that business!



Have fun watching the show!

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