Digitize Your Oscars


Um, so I’ll be headed to the Oscars this weekend. My husband worked his tail off this year on some pretty cool movie projects, so I get to reap the rewards by putting on a fab dress and locking arms with him for the ultimate date night.

I promise I will take a bunch of pictures, including the requisite naked gold butt shot, if you promise to pray to the Oscar gods that Pharrell takes home a little golden guy.  The great news is that you can feel super close to the action even if you won’t be hitting the red carpet, and possibly see even more of it than I will, if you know the right digital inroads. And your feet won’t hurt as much as mine will, which is a bonus too.  Here’s how you can enhance your living room Oscars experience…

The blog. So your neighbor saw every Best Picture nominee and you missed a few. Show them up by watching exclusive director interviews and backstage videos, and become an instant expert on the finer points of Gravity’s tech. See Sandra Bullock get weightless, and more videos, here.

The Twitter account. Remember when Three 6 Mafia’s “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” shocked everyone by winning Best Song? Get links to that and more great Oscars flashbacks, plus trivia and live updates with celebrity commentary (Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious) on The Academy’s Twitter account. Also, see how you’d look on the red carpet with this link!

The app. Can’t be home for the big event? No problem. Download the free app, and don’t miss a single spangle or wardrobe malfunction. Get the glitz here.

Who do you predict will take home a naked gold man? Tell me in the comments!

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