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The Cutest iPhone Cases Ever

cutest iphone cases

Greetings from NYC! I’m here on vacay with the fam and having fun running around Manhattan. You can catch all our adventures on Instagram… and I’m even Snapchatting a bit— username: carleyknob! Lately, I’ve been spotting large, oversized smartphone cases in bright colors and crazy designs, so I thought I’d bring you a round-up of the cutest iPhone cases I’ve seen in a white. Warning: These definitely don’t fit in your pocket (they’re so cute they’re not meant to!).  Cutest iPhone Cases

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photo borrowed from Urban Outfitters

Author: Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch is a digital lifestyle expert and a regular contributor on the Today Show and CNN. She’s also a home automation expert and host for HGTV, where makes home technology easy, approachable and fun. Carley has been featured in Real Simple, Allure, and Bloomberg Businessweek. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and myriad smartphones.

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