Couture for your camera

OnaBags The Chelsea

Most camera bags exude about as much style as the National Geographic expedition team they were intended for. OnaBags is designing camera bags those who don’t want sacrifice style or the perfect shot.  Take The Chelsea, this fabulous bowler bag with rolled leather handles is available in black or cognac, and you’d never know it has room for a camera body and up to three lenses inside.  Closed-cell foam cushioning lines the interior, and the outside is a yummy Saffiano leather.  Your DSLR will feel like it just stepped off the runway.

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4 Responses to “Couture for your camera”

  1. bitkahuna says:

    don’t know if bottom picture is you, but the writing/tattoo on the foot is interesting!

  2. bitkahuna says:

    maybe it’s a photography check list.
    - check iso
    - check camera mode
    - check AF
    - check aperture or shutter speed or both…



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