Alesya Bags: That’s a laptop bag?!

Alesya Bags 2013 colors

Have you ever considered carrying your laptop bag as a tote?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  All that black nylon and velcro is a fashion drag no matter what you’re wearing.  If you want something as functional but far more stylish, chuck your old laptop bag to the guy in the cubicle next door and pick up an Alesya bag instead.  Designed by a woman (yes!), it seems to have all the right pockets in all the right places:  A shallow top pocket holds keys, sunnies, a parking stub… anything you don’t want to lose in “the black hole”, a medium pocket holds a passport, your smartphone, your wallet… and a large pocket fits file folders and notebooks. But the showstopper is the front panel, which unzips to reveal a roomy housing for your 15″ laptop, fully lined with a strap to keep it snug.

I raved about Alesya bags on the Today Show last year, but these new colors warrant another shout-out.  The new fall line-up colors are all inspired by digital life: Technically Green, In the Cloud (pictured above) and Hot Spot (magenta, pictured below), plus mainstays Black and Heavy Metal.

Get the bag at Alesya Bags, $289.




2 Responses to “Alesya Bags: That’s a laptop bag?!”

  1. Christine says:

    Gorgeous – I just ordered one in blue!



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