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Ten years, and a giveaway

Wishbin giveaway
My daughter’s 10th birthday is approaching, which feels equal parts surreal and exhilarating to me.

My youngest is a decade old— that’s the surreal part. Exhilarating because, well, she’s just a cool kid, and we have a great time together. She’s quick-witted, has a dry sense of humor, asks the most thought-provoking questions about God, the human body, spirituality and world hunger. She’s also ridiculously knowledgable about vintage cars, horses and football. I have no idea where she gets her intel, but I often sit and nod while she converses with her friends (or mine) about subject matter that I glaze over about. Glaze over while beaming with pride, of course.

Annie isn’t shy about receiving presents on her birthday. She starts thinking about things she wants months in advance, makes lists, drops hints to the point of major annoyance, and leaves nothing to the imagination: Oh hai, everyone, these are the gifts I want, thankssomuch. This, in stark contrast to my son, whose a lot more aloof about presents, often says he’s not sure what he wants, and happier to just be surprised.

So it got me thinking: What kind of gift-receiver are you? Do you look forward to tearing through a pile of presents, tearing your wrapping paper with abandon? Or do you shy away from the attention, uncomfortable with the whole idea of getting gifts makes you feel grabby?

People definitely have different reactions to gift receiving, but I think we can all agree that, when it comes to giving gifts, it’s sooo helpful to have an idea of what they want.


This week, I’m happy to be working with Wishbin, who are on a mission to make all this easier for both parties. Created by a team of self-proclaimed “terrible gift givers,” it’s a browser plug-in that makes easy work of collecting gift ideas, and making sure people don’t miss special occasions in your family. It couldn’t be simpler to use:

1. Sign up for a Wishbin account
2. Choose your browser and install the plug-in
3. Find stuff you love on the web and drag gift ideas right into your bin
4. Share you list with friends and family, who can easily buy with a couple clicks


That’s it. So simple.

Cool feature: You can add your children or spouse to your account once you make it. So it’s an invaluable tool to use when the kids’ birthdays are approaching, or when I start getting those “what do your kids want for Hannukah?” calls from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I used to have the kids make an Amazon wishlist, but that only accommodates gifts they want from Amazon— with Wishbin, they can clip gift ideas from anywhere on the Internet.

Wanna try it out? Wishbin is offering one winner $150 worth of “wishes” from their own Wishbin this week.  Fill up your bin with stuff you’d like, in case you’re the winner! [highlight] Enter to win in the widget below. [/highlight] Pretty awesome, even if it isn’t your birthday.  There are other ways to enter too— see below, and good luck!

The winner is… Deborah Smith! Congrats Deborah!

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This post is sponsored by Wishbin. All words are my own, and I only choose to work with companies that offer a product or service that I genuinely love. Thank you for supporting the companies that help keep this blog afloat!

8 comments on “Ten years, and a giveaway”

  1. I think this has real promise as an alternative to the amazon wishlist; I like that it’s so broad. Things I used to pin to a favorites board can now be WishBin-ed! So, in my WishBin? Things for my new house!

  2. OOOOH so much that I want! But this tool has been greatly useful in saving Valentines day ideas for my guy! I’m looking for a new electric shaver!

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