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My Mother’s Day Gift Guide with USAToday

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, and while mom would probably be happy with a card and a hug, there are so many other ways to say thank you for the countless things she does for us all year. Done right, Mother’s Day gifts can say a whole lot more than, “I thought this shade of lipstick would look cool on you.”

When it comes to my kids? I’m a huge fan of the macaroni-noodle-necklace, but I don’t think I’d mind getting any of the fab gifts I curated for a round-up of Mother’s Day gifts I curated for USA Today. Many gifts there are little somethings that makes mom’s world easier, more comfortable or positively luxe (and if flowers are your thing on Mother’s Day, I have a great recco in there too for super-fresh beautiful bouquets). 

Have a romp through my Mother’s Day gifts on USA Today, and let me know if you’d be stoked to get any of these on Mother’s Day.

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