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Gifts for Dads

gifts for dads

Diaper changing and wiping tears.

Catch in the yard, and writing songs on the guitar.

Man-to-(teenage)-man talks and shaving.

Father-daughter bonding and resolving conflicts.

Watching my husband grow and evolve as a father has been one of the greatest joys of my life (and he’s never sexier then when he’s being dad, I might add). On June 19th, we take a day and celebrate dads for all they do, but for me (and I’m sure for you), being appreciative of my husband/the “dad” in our family is a year-long endeavor.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that we don’t bicker over silly stuff, and that dad doesn’t get the stink-eye on the regular. Having a couple of kids and two demanding jobs will bring two people to the brink. A lot. But in the end, when you have friendship and real respect for one another, a butt pinch or a dirty joke can dissipate a disagreement in seconds. My kids know that their dad isn’t perfect (whoo boy, neither is their mom!) but he brings so much joy, humor and amazing opportunity to all of us, and watching him excel at his job and balance family is teaching them incredible lessons on how to be a grown-up/parent.

This round-up is full of gifts for dads that they’ll love— there’s something in this pile for the photography buff, the home-tech tinkerer, the entertainer, the fitness dude, or just a soft sweatshirt that will make him even more huggable. Many of them are available in our new store, along with other choices, so have a look!

Happy Father’s Day to you, and the dads in your life!

gifts for dads

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Gifts for Dad

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