5 ways to protect your tech in the summer heat

Protecting your tech from the summer heat

Next time you’re slathering yourself with sunscreen or fighting for that shred of shade in the parking lot, remember what else needs protection against the heat: your tech. Just as your bod can overheat, burn or get permanent sun damage, so can your delicate devices. Luckily, it’s easy to protect your tech with a few tips.

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8 Best Apps to Organize Your Recipes

Food Recipe Apps

Raise your spatula if this sounds like you: you’re always bookmarking great-sounding recipes you find online (hellooo, chocolate ganache), but when it comes time to cook, you have no quick way to access or even remember your favorites. Yeah, that was me, too. I had about a million delicious ideas saved, but I couldn’t scroll through that many bookmarks to find what I wanted when I wanted it.

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Do I Need One? eWatches

Moto 360 Watch

As you read this, engineers are hard at work turning out what they hope will be the next tech mega-trend: eWatches. It’s smartphone-meets-fitness tracker-meets, well…watch. Sure, they’re new and so cool, but is an eWatch worthy of your next tech investment? Take a look at three getting big buzz right now and decide for yourself.

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5 Favorite Pins of the Week: Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is next weekend, and I’ve been reflecting on what it’s meant to me to watch my husband’s evolution from that guy i love…to the dad in the house. From day one, he was fiercely protective and hands-on— elevating the act of changing diapers and swaddling to an art form. Music was everywhere, always, and my kids have been fed a steady diet of  ’80s pop, ’70s prog rock, ’60s soul, and lots of Broadway. And wherever a joke can be inserted, it is. Lots of quick wit, lots of sarcasm, both of which my son is trying on for size now that he’s officially a teenager— a mini version of his father.  Our dinners are full of giggles, and if your joke can make someone spit out their drink, it’s a good day.

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