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3 Ways to Make (Next!) Tax Time Easier

Tax Time

It used to be that every year when tax time rolled around, my brain and my kitchen table were both overwhelmed. Where did I put that W-9? Who moved that pile of receipts? Did the dog eat my pay stubs? Well, it’s happened again. But before May is out, I’m committed to kickstarting my new tax year resolutions, thanks to a few tricks I’ve figured out. If forms and figures are making your head spin too, I recommend:

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On-Call: LiveHealth is an online doctor that’s always with you.


Sponsored Post QUIZ

You are most likely to need a doctor:

a) In the middle of the night
b) On the weekend
b) During a holiday
c) All of the above

If you answered C, you’re like many of us— especially moms—who so often need some medical advice after hours. And even when an issue arises during business hours, often it’s not a full-blown rush-me-to-a-doctor’s-office kind of thing, but more of a “here are my symptoms: can you tell me if I need a prescription?” kind of thing.

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Doctor in your pocket: Cue

Cue: A doctor in your pocket

So there’s wearable tech like Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit to quantify how fit you are (or, er, aren’t). But wouldn’t it be great if a device could also give you a read on the kind of stuff that keeps you awake and Googling late at night… say, your hormone levels, or even when you’re most fertile?

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What’s on your Phone? Caterina Fake


When I’m traveling someplace, sometimes I wish I could conjure up the wisdom of those who have been there before me. Let’s say I’m in a bustling bazaar— which vendors are willing to make the best deal? At an impressionist museum— which way to the tucked-away gems on the fifth floor? Imagine if your smartphone could unlock notes from other visitors to the place you’re at, sharing stories, tips and insight. Now, you’re imagining Findery, a new app that lets you annotate the world around you. A brilliant idea, founded by Caterina Fake, a woman who’s no stranger to brilliant ideas (she co-founded websites like Flickr and Hunch).  We asked Caterina what other brilliant stuff was on her phone, and she gave us the skinny.

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Wash & Wear: Urbanears Humlan Headphones


The mop on my head requires a small pile of products, special towels and diffusers to look its best. If I tried to wash and go, I’d be legally blind, what with all the frizz blocking my vision (and you wouldn’t want to sit behind me in a movie theater). Thankfully, there’s a new pair of headphones that’s decidedly less high maintenance.

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