Cheat Sheet: Shopping for Washers and Dryers

Shopping for washers and dryers Carley Knobloch

Weird confession: I was madly in love with my old washer and dryer. I bought them right when front-load washing machines became the thing, and it completely changed how I felt about laundry. There was no agitator to strangle the life out of my tissue tees, and the matching dryer even had a shelf that I could use to put a cashmere cardi on, allowing the hot air to circulate around it while it suntanned in the middle.

Basically, I thought they were the coolest washer and dryer ever— that is, until it was time to say goodbye and shop for a new pair nearly 10 years later. We recently sold our house, and the new sellers requested that we leave our old units behind. No problem, I said. I’ll just get a new version of the same sort of pair, and we’ll be done with it. Well, the landscape is unrecognizable, in the most exciting way. And if it’s been a while since you’ve shopped the washer/dryer world, you’re in for some nice surprises. Here’s a primer:

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No wristband required: 3 Great fitness apps


‘Tis the (swimsuit) season, and I’ve been looking for fresh inspiration to get in shape. Live trainers are great, but they mean scheduling, and piles of money. And while I love some of the fancy fitness tracking devices out there, sometimes, I’m just not in the mood to wear a wristband (or I forget to put it on). That’s where these clever fitness apps come in. All I need to get going is my phone and a pair of sneakers (I’m obsessed with my new ones). Try ’em out:

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3 Great Ways to Make Handwriting Digital

digital handwriting

As much as I enjoy my gadgets, I’ve never ended my love affair with paper and pen. There’s just something about the feeling of handwriting that makes me slow down and think differently. (Incidentally, do you know that schools have stopped teaching cursive? Yeesh, is that a good idea?) I’m convinced some of my best ideas come when I’m doodling or sketching. That used to mean I was stuck with either keeping scraps around (which drives my Type-A gene insane), or scanning them one by one (such a drag that I put it off until I had the dreaded piles everywhere). Well, if you love pen and paper too, you can still be organized…without the heavy lifting.

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5 Favorite Pins of the Week: 4th of July

red white and blue pinterest

Okay, let me make something perfectly clear: I am Canadian, and there are just some things that the Canadians do better (health care, gun control, bacon… just to name a few). But Independence Day always makes me yearn to be an official Yankee. First of all, I’m obsessed with red, white and blue (as evidenced by my blog theme) and those bold stars and stripes are so graphic and instill such pride in all who raise and wear them… it’s infectious, even if you’re from north of the border. Plus the imagery of the 4th goes beyond the flag— rocket pops, barbeques, sparklers, blankets on the grass, and hot summer nights.

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