Casio DIY Stamp Maker

Pomrie Stamp Maker

Craft and tech mash-up! I like stamping, but sometimes, I can’t find exactly the image I want, or I wish I could create something personalized. Well, Casio’s DIY stamp maker, the Pomrie, is totally customizable, so you can upload any image you like and turn it into a stamp. Just put a piece of stamping rubber into the mini printer, and it’ll instantly emboss your design. This is great for making cards or gift tags, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, or even stamping the kids’ brown bag lunches. And you don’t have to draw your design: you can source an image anywhere, including a photo you’ve taken with your phone; upload it to the Pomrie’s software, and boom, you’ve got a stamp. It’s still exclusive to Japan so far, but if you can’t wait for it to get here, I have spotted a few on eBay.

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Eat + Entertain

Weird, weird food tech.

3D printed chocolate

Liquid nitrogen ice cream…printable chocolate…inhaled food…sound like Candy Land, the sci-fi edition? It’s actually all real food from the ever-expanding world of food technology.

I had the chance to talk about my favorite new, weird food tech finds at the DIY Network’s Made + Remade blog. First, a highlight: that inhaled food I mentioned. Le Whaf  won’t satisfy your hunger, but its creators hope it’ll cap your cravings for rich dishes like filet mignon and French onion soup by turning them into calorie-free gases you inhale. This gizmo is a glass cylinder attached to an ultrasound; the ultrasound transforms liquid foods into flavor vapor. Voilà: beef juices and other liquid foods can be breathed instead of bitten. Check it out here—plus four more of the weirdest food tech items on the market.

Which high-tech food items would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!


Chic Correspondence: J. Crew & Paperless Post

J Crew for Paperless Post Carley Knobloch

I love it when two of my favorite things mate and make one big, gorgeous baby. J. Crew and Paperless Post have teamed up to make the coolest digital card collection since the boyfriend jean. Since then, I’ve found just about every excuse to send out invites and correspondence: That thank-you note to my assistant, who rocks harem pants like no other? Sent. An elegant save-the-date for 4th of July BBQ? Swoosh! All done from my iPhone, while wearing mirrored Ray-Bans and a Panama hat. Okay, I’m not always wearing Ray-Bans and I don’t own a Panama hat, but still!

I’ve never had such stylish outgoing mail.

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Native Union CLIC Marble Case

Polaroid POP

Quip toothbrush

Belkin Pocket Power Ultra Slim Portable Charger


Cheat Sheet: Shopping for Washers and Dryers

Shopping for washers and dryers Carley Knobloch

Weird confession: I was madly in love with my old washer and dryer. I bought them right when front-load washing machines became the thing, and it completely changed how I felt about laundry. There was no agitator to strangle the life out of my tissue tees, and the matching dryer even had a shelf that I could use to put a cashmere cardi on, allowing the hot air to circulate around it while it suntanned in the middle.

Basically, I thought they were the coolest washer and dryer ever— that is, until it was time to say goodbye and shop for a new pair nearly 10 years later. We recently sold our house, and the new sellers requested that we leave our old units behind. No problem, I said. I’ll just get a new version of the same sort of pair, and we’ll be done with it. Well, the landscape is unrecognizable, in the most exciting way. And if it’s been a while since you’ve shopped the washer/dryer world, you’re in for some nice surprises. Here’s a primer:

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