This space heater is as pretty as it is toasty

Mill Heat

There are some nights where it feels like, no matter how high you crank the thermostat, the room you’ve chosen to hibernate in just won’t heat up. Still, the alternative is usually a bulky and unwieldy space heater (AKA an eyesore that’s not worth the extra couple of degrees of warmth it provides). That’s why I was thrilled to discover Mill Heat’s space heaters… because they’re actually pretty.

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KitchenAid 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer

Coolest Cooler

Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask

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How do you meal plan?

how to meal plan

I think I was playing hookie on the day that moms learn how to meal plan in Mom School. I simply have never been good at planning dinners ahead so that I have what I need to cook for the week. Actually let me rephrase that: I’ve never ever done it EVER. In my 16 years of being a mom, I’ve never been able to devote the time, the brain power, and the organization skills to planning dinners ahead. Which of course leads to chaos every evening. 

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Whirlpool’s CES Innovations are Changing the Cooking and Cleaning Game

Whirlpool’s new innovations

The following post was created in partnership with Whirlpool. All opinions are my own. 

During my trip to CES earlier this month, I spent some time with Whirlpool at their booth, which was set up to look like several kitchen and laundry areas, so their latest innovations could be admired. As I toured the booth, I found myself thinking of my own kitchen and laundry room— places often devoid of inspiration, places for the mundane house chores to be completed— washing, stain-removal, wracking my brain for dinner inspiration. Sometimes I truly love cooking (certainly more than I do laundry), but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a grind.

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What happened when I hopped into bed with this sleep tracker for a week

Sleepscore Max: Sleep Tracker

When it comes to improving sleep, the first thing experts usually tell you is to minimize tech in the bedroom. Blue light, the anxiety of Insta notifications, the buzzing and dinging… none of these things are good for deep, restful, energy-generating slumber. Since I’ve resolved to improve my sleep this year, I’m on the hunt for the tech that can help, not hurt, my plight for better slumber. 

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