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7 Tech Tools Designed to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Automatic Pro: Teen Driver

Big day: Your son or daughter just got their license. But while they’re busy rejoicing about their newfound freedom, you’re busy having a nervous breakdown about how to keep your teen driver safe behind the wheel. The good news is that there is tons of new gadgets and apps that will do just that, so you can stop panicking and resume weeping (weren’t they just toddlers a second ago?).

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LastPass Families: Password Management for All Of Us

Lastpass Families

This blog post is written in partnership with LastPass. All opinions are my own.

A parent’s job is to teach their kids how to take care of themselves, in age-appropriate lessons that last pretty much their whole lives. We start small: Toddlers learn how to brush their teeth, school age kids learn how to bandage a boo-boo and eat a balanced diet. As they get older, we help them navigate peer pressure, make good decisions about drugs and alcohol. By the time they leave our homes, they’re ready to to live life on their own: We know they’ll make mistakes along the way, just like we all did, but if we’ve done our job right, they’re equipped to find their way.

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Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer System


WelleCo Super Elixir

Urbanears Stammen Wireless & Bluetooth Connected Speaker

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Amazon Shopping For Teens (with Parent Approval)

Teens Shopping on Amazon

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Amazon but all opinions are my own.

As my kids get older, I look for ways to empower them to take more ownership the day to day admin of their lives. I really believe that it’s my job to assess, at every age, what my kids can handle themselves, and let them take the reins. Whether it’s cutting their own food at the dinner table, learning how to make their own school lunches, or how to fold and put away their own laundry… there’s a time and a place beyond which they should take over.  The goal, of course, is that by the time they leave my home and go to university, get a job, or launch the next billion-dollar social network (it could happen!) that they are as capable as they can be at taking care of themselves.

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20 stylish things that will help you organize your life and home this fall

Fall Organize

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When autumn arrives and the heat finally yields, my mind turns to cleaning. Maybe it’s all those leaves falling; maybe it’s because the tidying I did last spring has given way to paper piles and clothing avalanches. Once the kids are back in school, and summer fun has subsided, I can finally find time to focus on getting my home in order.

Here are a few gadgets that will make easy work of cleaning and organizing your home, from top to bottom, this fall.

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