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3 Restaurant Reservation Apps That Make It Easy To Dine On Vacation

Restaurant Reservation Apps

When you’re on vacation — whether it’s to visit the in-laws or on a tropical island — it’s not always easy to find a reputable place to eat. You’re out of your element, and your favorite go-tos are nowhere in sight. Even if you do find a great restaurant, it’s likely that everyone else on the island has made reservations already, and they don’t have a table to seat you at. Throw in dietary restrictions or picky food preferences, and it might feel like take-out pizza is your only option.

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Two Gorgeous Gadgets to Organize (and Display) Your Photos in the New Year

New Photo Albums

The number of photos on our smartphone’s camera roll (and DSLR and whatever other photo-snapping device you prefer to use) can feel like a testament to a year gone by. Seriously, my camera roll is nearing 11,000 pics — how did I possibly manage to take so many photos? It’s true that smartphones make capturing moments a lot easier—but they also make it significantly harder to manage (and share) the experiences you hold near and dear.

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Security + Safety

Does your home need a cyber-bouncer?

Bitdefender Box: Cyber security for your home

This post was written in partnership with Bitdefender. All opinions are my own.

Years ago, I would notice way too late that one of my credit cards had been hacked. I’d be stuck for hours of sitting on hold waiting for a customer service rep to go through weeks of disputed charges one by one, followed by canceling the card, waiting for a replacement, and waiting for the charges to be credited back to the account.

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TomTom Adventurer GPS Hiking & Trail Running Watch + Heart Rate Monitor



Slip Silk “Mrs” Eye Mask

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Apps That Get You Cash Back on Holiday Shopping

apps that get you cash back

Things like Christmas gifts or holiday décor have to be bought on a schedule— and the retailers know it. Sometimes prices stay high until they’re sure everyone’s bought their wreaths, hot gifts, and dog sweaters… and then they drop. All this price moving can give a girl anxiety— is it the right time to buy? Should I wait? If there was an app that took all the risk out of it— that kept tabs on refunds and price drops for you, and helped you pounce and get money back— that would be super-cool.

Here are two that do just that— worth keeping on your phone as you shop this holiday season.

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