Would You Try These At-Home Medical Tests?


Gone are the days where an in-person doctor’s appointment is the only way to meet your medical needs. Instead of wasting time waiting out an appointment—or in the waiting room—more and more medical tech companies are offering at-home alternatives, allowing you to take a personalized and DIY approach to your health.

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Air purifier or humidifier? Which one’s best for your space?

What’s more fundamental than the air you breathe? Literally nothing. And yet you don’t really pay much attention to what and how you’re breathing when you’re at home, until things go wrong.

During winter months, that often means repeated run-ins with the flu and cold after cold, or at least months of dried-out sinuses and sniffling. During the spring (if it ever gets here!), it means runny noses and endless sneezing as pollen starts to activate those allergies.

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How to Travel Like a Legit VIP

Travel like a VIP

Getting out of town—for business or pleasure— is the best. But how you get to your destination and experience it once you arrive can make or break each and every trip. I haven’t tried all these service that let you travel like a VIP, but the ones I have tried are divine— it’s all about access to luxury without having a Tom-and-Gisele-sized wallet.

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