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Back to School Shopping with Abercrombie Kids

Back to School Shopping with Abercrombie Kids

.This post is sponsored by Abercrombie Kids. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My daughter has gone through a lot of phases with fashion, so back to school shopping hasn’t always been easy. One minute she’s head-to-toe boys basketball gear, and the next she’s into oversized streetwear. I think it’s just a tough age to be a girl: She’s trying to stay true to herself, when her self is an ever-evolving project.

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Would a minimalist phone help you break your smartphone addiction?

the light phone 2

The good old days, when a phone was a phone are long gone. Our smartphones are not just a mobile connection to our sitter, spouse and kids, they’re our mobile office, our camera, our weather report, our GPS and more. Plus, as we’ve been learning more and more, they’re especially crafty and vying for (and consuming) our attention, and creating smartphone addiction in the best of us.

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Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask


Will these techy pajamas help you sleep better?

Celliant: Lunya Restore

The fact that your body temperature plays a role in how well you sleep probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Who hasn’t been woken up during the night by sweaty sheets (ew, gross) or half-way freezing and in need of another blanket?

So when I heard about Celliant, a techy fabric that promises to take care of regulating your core body temperature so you sleep soundly ‘til morning, I was intrigued.

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Would You Try These At-Home Medical Tests?


Gone are the days where an in-person doctor’s appointment is the only way to meet your medical needs. Instead of wasting time waiting out an appointment—or in the waiting room—more and more medical tech companies are offering at-home alternatives, allowing you to take a personalized and DIY approach to your health.

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