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The Tech Tools That Save Me Hours Each Week

Capital One: Time Saving Apps Simply Smarter Home Loans

This post was sponsored by Capital One Mortgage. All opinions are my own. 

Just the other day, I was having a conversation with a friend. It’s a conversation I know well because I have it frequently with friends, relatives or people I meet just about anywhere. First, I get peppered with questions about smart home devices: What’s cool? What’s new? What am I most excited about? Their eyes dazzle as I describe what’s happening in the industry, the products that I’m currently testing, lusting after or excited to see come to market. After a few minutes, a change comes over their face. And then, I get a version of this response:

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Shopping for Art with Twyla

Twyla Art: Installation

This post is sponsored by Twyla

I decided recently that, somewhere along the way, I turned into a full-fledged adult. Most days I still feel like an awkward teenager (until I catch my crow’s feet in the mirror), so I’m not sure what happened to seal the deal: Two kids (one who JUST got his driver’s license— EEK!)? The mom car? Hmmm, those could be clues. But really I think it was discovering that more and more of my friends collect art. Like, real art. They visit galleries, sip champagne at openings, negotiate with dealers and know how much to pay for a piece.

Fancy grown-up stuff I know nothing about.

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Your Guide To Ad Blockers

ad blocking

Few things are as disruptive to an online browsing sesh as online advertising. They distract from what you’re reading, they’re often strategically placed so you accidentally click on them (GRRR!), and sometimes they start blaring music when you’re trying to late-night surf next to a sleeping husband (there is nothing more destructive to marital bliss, I’ve decided).

And then there are those annoying “pop-ups,” and ads that remind you of the shoes you were eyeing last week… that are now following you around the web like two lost puppies— can something be simultaneously annoying, shaming, and intrusive? Yeah, that can. (Especially when it makes you buy the shoes days later…they got me.)

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