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  • dyson pure cool air purifier

    The Air Purifier That Cleared Up My Allergies

    Hey gang, Carley here! Please welcome Samantha Durbin, a new contributor to the site!  Samantha will be covering fashion, beauty and wellness technology for us… she’s written for lots of fancy…

  • store-is-open
    Saving + Shopping

    The Store Is Open

    GUYZZZ this is big. After months of work, I’m proud to say that the Carley K. Store is OPEN FOR BIDNESS! So many people, online and IRL, ask me “which smart…

  • gifts for dads
    Saving + Shopping

    Gifts for Dads

    Diaper changing and wiping tears. Catch in the yard, and writing songs on the guitar. Man-to-(teenage)-man talks and shaving. Father-daughter bonding and resolving conflicts. Watching my husband grow and evolve as a father has…