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  • Jasper Johns Flags Freedom
    Disconnect Living


    I’m thinking about freedom on Independence Day: Freedom from the responsibilities of parenthood, and freedom from technology. It’s complicated. Last Thursday, I said goodbye to my kids for seven weeks. I’ll…

  • anova sous vide
    Eat + Entertain

    Do You Sous Vide?

    You might not think your smartphone is down for cooking you a steak, but this smart kitchen gadget begs to differ. Behold the Sous Vide immersion circulator— the next kitchen must have. It’s…

  • Rattan: Tech on trend

    Tech on Trend: Rattan

    Summer’s got me like YESSS! right now and though we are firmly in Los Angeles’ “June gloom” season, I have my eye on our trip to Canada, and a blissful week of…

  • Keurig Kold Failed

    Why the Keurig KOLD Failed

    Make your own Coke! Except, it takes about 90 seconds, you get less than a can to drink, and for more than the cost of buying one at the store. Anyone? Anyone? Didn’t think…