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  • Things I'm Loving

    Things I’m Loving

    Bon weekend, everyone! Hope your weekend is relaxing— I’m light on plans and that’s just how I want it. If you need me, I’ll be in my backyard, doing some leisure reading……

  • KTLA Classroom Tech

    Hooray for Teachers!

    Last week, I was on KTLA to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. I shared some of my favorite gadgets for the classroom, including a few that will make a teacher’s life way easier…

  • Lurk Perfume

    Admired: Anne Nelson Sanford of Lurk

    With a passion for eco-friendly beauty and a belief that fragrance should be authentic, not synthetic, Anne Nelson Sanford has been quietly revolutionizing the fragrance industry. She’s the founder, perfumer and…

  • motorola 360

    Wear It With: Motorola 360

    I’ve been observing the new “less is more,” “fewer, better” movement when it comes to wardrobe, and it really suits me. Lately, I’ve been investing in more timeless pieces, stocking up…