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  • Using Waze Safely
    Security + Safety

    Who thinks Waze is Dangerous?

    Binnnnng! You glance down at your phone where Waze, the traffic-outsmarting GPS app, is charting your course. “You just got a road goodie!” the screen says. Wondering what that is, you narrowly miss your next turn…

  • coachella fashion

    Packing for Coachella

    I’m headed to Coachella this weekend, and sometimes it feels like like I’m packing for a costume party— the floppy hats, the boho rompers, the fringe and feathers… it’s nothing I wear in…

  • depict: digital canvas

    The Digital Canvas Is Here

    I always loved the idea of the digital picture frame. It was the perfect solution to the problem so many of us face in the digital photography age: How can I…

  • Artifact Uprising

    Artifact Uprising

    I have known about Artifact Uprising for quite a while— I put one of their products on the Today Show a while back, and later in a video series I did…