Would You Pay $4K for a Connected Treadmill?

Peloton Tread

New year, new commitment to the treadmill collecting dust in your basement, right? But why—oh why—does it feel like such a chore to actually get on it and log a few miles? According to Peloton, the fitness brand behind the hot connected workout bike, a lot has to do with the isolation of pounding the pavement alone and indoors. That’s why they just introduced an Internet-connected version of the treadmill called the Peloton Tread…and it retails for $4K.

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Golden Door Spa

I’ve run away to The Golden Door, a zen-like wellness center in Southern California. Because I needed some time to regroup. I have been feeling unwell and unbalanced for months, as so many of us do: in how I was caring for myself (not), how I was consuming social media (excessively), how I was sleeping (poorly), and how I was rolling into 2018 (unconsciously).

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Mill Heater

Native Union Drop Wireless Charger

TomTom Adventurer GPS Hiking & Trail Running Watch + Heart Rate Monitor


I Want All the Puffer Jackets This Season

Puffer Jacket

It’s funny: Puffer jackets — basically coats-turned-sleeping bags designed to keep you warm—don’t always feel like the most fashionable items to wear. But, this year, I can’t help but have my eye on quite a few styles that are just so darn cute!. Hey, if the temperatures are going to dip (or you’re traveling to places that get chilly), you might as well invest in a puffer coat you feel good in. Even in LA it gets cold (ish) enough for a puffer. (Sort of!)

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Family / Gear

11 awesome gadgets for a killer ski trip

Ski Tech

During the holidays, the family and I took a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a ski trip. We fell in love with the small town and the mountain was right-sized for me— not too overwhelming, and lots of blues and greens to keep me happy and not too challenged! Plus, we were blessed with 20 marvelous inches of snow the day we got there— I was up to my calves in powder, and fell face first a couple of times. A pro-skiier, I am not.

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