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Zact is a refreshing take on mobile plans


One month, I’ve got minutes coming out of my ears. The next, I’m knee-deep in over-charges.  If our phones are so smart, why are our phone plans still so dumb?  Zact wants to put an end to all the rigidity/stupidity— they’re a new mobile carrier division of Sprint that feels like it’s been built by… a person.  With feelings.

Plans can be regularly adjusted for voice, text, and data, individually. The best part? If you go over, Zact just bills you for more minutes without over-charges or penalties. If you go under, Zact will— wait for it— credit back the difference! What?! And there are no surprises, because an app on the phone shows you your usage, and allows you to make changes to your plan in real-time.

Zact is all about giving you control, especially when it comes to your kids. Managing call, text and internet limits (even app curfews!) can all be done from your own device, so you don’t have to worry about your kids watching YouTube under the covers after bedtime.  And you don’t need a special “share plan” because any plan is sharable to any Zact phone.

Zact offers fabulous phones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the LG Viper (no iPhone, unfortunately), and no cost for sharing your plan, so you can grab one for your spouse or kid and still pay only for the text, talk and data you use each month.

So, what’s the catch? Well, Zact is hoping that you’ll appreciate their transparency.  Traditional cell phone carriers mask the cost of the phone you get for free, or at a huge discount, by charging you almost twice as much per month for equivalent service. Sneaky. Plus, you’re locked into a contract and you’ll be penalized if you try to leave. Zact wants you to pay for your phone (seems fair) and offers you 24-month financing so it’s not such a huge hit on your wallet. That’s all you’re on the hook for, so you can cancel your account at any time and use your phone elsewhere. Even when you factor in the cost of your phone, you can still save hundreds of dollars per year because you’re not paying those inflated service charges and overage fees (they even have a handy savings calculator to help you estimate what you’ll spend).

Also, you won’t be able to get around buying a new phone from Zact, because the technology that allows you to customize your plan and use parental controls is built into the phone itself.  This makes it a perfect candidate if you’re getting ready to get a new phone anyway, or if the calculator tells you that the initial investment might actually save you money over time, which in many cases it will.

With all these money-back guarantees and no-overage promises, Zact seems way too straight-shooting to be a mobile carrier. I’m hoping their new model forces other mobile carriers to follow suit.

Get Zact‘ly what you need.







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  1. I have TING ( that is very similar to Zact, BUT you can share your plan with other devices (with a $6 device charge for each device) and amazing customer service. Also on the Ting network. They also have ways to get refurbished or used phones (which is what I got). So far I love it and my bill is half what it was on the already cheaper Virgin Mobile. Check it out!

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