Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

I can’t confirm, but when you leave the hospital with a newborn I’m pretty sure they stuff some super powers in your diaper bag.

The ability to pick out your child’s cry in a stadium full of people. The ability to hurl yourself across the room to catch a tipping toddler. The ability to function on less sleep than any other class of human. And the power to know, deeply, when things aren’t right with your child.

Kamy Wicoff What we can’t do is be in two places at once— if we could, us working moms would be relieved of our most crushing affliction: Mom guilt. If we could be in two places at once, we’d never have to choose between working late and being home for dinner, a sick child and a critical client meeting, a softball championship game and a girl’s weekend trip. These are the decisions that make up our lives, and each one feels excruciating.

Imagine if we had, say, an app on our phone that could transport us through time, effectively allowing us to be in two places at once? This is exactly what my good friend Kamy Wicoff (that’s her in the cute picture!) imagined in her charming book, Wishful Thinking. It’s a tender, modern-day fantasy that blends Harry Potter-style magic with real life.

Wishful Thinking is the story of Jennifer Sharpe, divorced mother of two who feels the pressure to work like she doesn’t have kids, and parent like she doesn’t have a job. One day her smartphone goes missing, and is mysteriously returned to her with a new app that promises to help her time travel so she can be in more than one place at the same time. Unbelievably, it works, launching her into a year of truly being able to have it all.

Wishful Thinking

It’s a sci-fi romp through the pressures of modern life and the quest for balance, and though finding the time to read a novel normally eludes me, I gobbled it up. Wishful Thinking is now available on Amazon, but I’m giving away three signed copies of Wishful Thinking on the blog this week. [highlight] Enter to win in the widget below by doing the following: [/highlight]

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3. Tell me in the comments what you would do with the Wishful Thinking app!

This contest ends on Monday at midnight, so hurry and enter— you’ll love this book.

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25 comments on “Wishful Thinking”

  1. If I had the Wishful Thinking app…I would have no driving time, a full cup of coffee, and the happiest family on earth!

  2. If I had wishful thinking app… I would love to be able to slow down a little, enjoy some hobbies and try all the idea’s I keep posting in pinterest. • { I need to stay off Pinterest } •

  3. I would have one of me for each member of my family, run a fantastic business (or three), travel, use my gym membership, and read everything on my TBR list. And that’s just for the afternoon! Lol Divide myself and do all I ever wanted to do? Yes!!! There’s an app for that 😉 This book sounds like fun.

    1. Melida— HAH! Love this. You should totally pick up the book (if you don’t win a copy, of course! good luck!). There’s a flipside to all this cloning and time travel… 🙂

  4. If I had a wishing app, maybe I could help all the people standing on the corners with signs asking for any small donation you can give!

  5. If I had a wishing app I would play all day with my kids, focus on my college homework, relax with coffee and a book, finally finish painting that room, enter my cat in every local cat show, enjoy being lazy with my husband….and not spend any time feeling guilty about any of it.

      1. 🙂 Cat shows!! I entered my American bobtail in her first ACFA show this spring, and she won double champion, so now I’m hooked! haha!

  6. I would slow down my life from the last few years and enjoy every moment including hold back on negative comments and people who should have never stayed long in my life.

    1. Melissa— Wow, that’s a good one. Yes, those people we allow to stay in our lives that shouldn’t have an invite… toss ’em!

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