Get kids offline with these apps. Wait…

Get kids offline

Kids online a lot? (Is that such an understatement that you just shot coffee out your nose?) Here’s a reverse psychology trick that really works: get kids offline by getting them online. I’m talking about a few specific, clever apps that will actually get your tech-crazed kids excited about the real world. And yes, they really work.

Get cooking

If you wish your kids would tell you what they will and won’t eat before you cook it, try Gojee Recipes. This app has gorgeous recipe photos, but what’s special is that your kids can tell it what’s in the pantry, and which foods they don’t want to eat. The app will generate recipes that match their criteria, so your kids can bookmark their favorites, and you can all start cooking together.

Look up

Sky Guide is a stunning app that lets kids aim the iPad at the night sky and get an instant read on which constellations, celestial bodies and planets are overhead. They can just tap to learn more about them.

Dig this

If you haven’t heard of geocaching, that’s an app you’ll want to download. Like the world’s biggest scavenger hunt, it’s a map of hidden items that people have buried all over the world, including in your own neighborhood. Some contain treasures while others have a log you can fill out, letting others know you’ve found it. Uncover one, and your kids get the chance to replace it with a new surprise for someone else.

You can get more details about all of these on my new ulive video here. I hope it’s one video that will make you want to step away from your computer.

Do you have a favorite app that takes you offline? Tell me about it in the comments!

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